Thursday, 28 October 2010


As of late I keep posting up videos but If its funny I have to share it, Good ole Inie keeps hittin me with these HILARIOUS VIDEOS. This one right here had me in stiches for days, PURE QUALITY!

Ok can we have a moment......

MAN IS ON SKATES BLUD! Not only that he has ASHY KNEES!
"i wear avrex in 90 degres.. nah but for real tho hot!" Fa Real tho who remembers when you would go to a rave or even carnival, hot as hell and a man would still wear his Avrex jacket!
Jackin their bredrin in the wheel chair for the giro
Soca remix
The shout outs.."Free my man snitch! Free my man witness,Free my man shook ones innit" LMAO!!

This video is pure jokes!

Check out the rest of videos these guys have put up!

Black History Month

Over here in the UK its Black History month, A Month where black people celebrate their history. I view it just like Valentines Day, it should be celebrated and acknowledged everyday. Every day there is something to be thankful for, for if it wasn’t for our ancestors we would not be here today or have things we now use in everyday life. As a child I was often told of the many great black people in our history such as Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Martin Luther King , Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela etc I was also informed of the many things black people invented and contributed in this world. Did you know there was a black queen on England??, monarchy kept that one quiet! I was about 12 when I found that out too! Queen Charlotte was her name.

I am so grateful that I also attended Saturday Schools(Shout out to Queen Mother Moore and Afiwi Saturday schools) who made it their duty to inform and uplift us Children of colour and to demolish what schools were educating us, that we were “just slaves” and having Alex Haley Novel (and miniseries) Roots to furthermore prove that.

With that said though Happy Black History month, continue to learn more about your history and ancestors, learn and grow.

On a lighter note, I just wanna state this..

Tickles me every time!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

..And in other news today..

Jeremy Kyle got clapped in the head with an envelope...

GOOD! Its about time too! On the odd occasion that I come across Jeremy Kyles show he seems a bit too cocky for me, fair enough the people on stage may have done something bad but his attitude shouldn't stink that much! At least Jerry Springer and Maury had a little heart at times and composed themselves well.
Its true though Jeremy did throw the envelope at the man, he deserved that lick to his head! LOL @ dude saying "your mum! "

With that said Chase and status did this tune, I swear they built this video around Jeremy Kyle lol

hmm I wonder if he has life insurance and has security around his home?
Does he even have a happy life at home??

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm....

New African Cartoon: Bino & Fino

Meet bino & Fino. A pair of Nigerian twins who live in Nigeria with their grandparents Mama and Papa. Today the first episode was launched and I personally love it! I can see big things happening with this as there isn't a lot of Black animation out right now especially from a African perspective. A wonderful future lies ahead, DVD's,Puzzles,Games, reading books and more! Please do support and spread the word. You can check out their blog here and also add them on facebook here.

Below is the first episode about Nigerian independence, and other African countries who are also celebrating their colonial Independence.

Can't wait to show my little sisters!



Last week friday I went to my friend's event, and while catching some air from all of that hard core dancing and talking to my loved ones it dawned upon me how far my group of friends have come.

Here I was at Hipsters Don't Dance (HDD) to the left of me was the sweat breakers Chonsak and Ibrahim who started a glorious nite called Ain't It Black(AIB), their motto was "don't pose just dance'This is where it all started. To the right of me was Rikki, one of the founders of Yo Mama and I can remember him handing out flyers outside Favela Chic at the AIB event with instructions on how to do the wu tang dance, for his night. Also there was Mani who now has his night called The Bang Bang. I was in awe, we are practically family with serious love for music , dancing and good vibes, the growth and the memories i will for ever cherish.

There was one point in my life where my friends would be embrassed of how I danced especially when uber AMPED, I didnt give a flying fart if ya didn't like my behaviour. In my mind, im at a club, its a good tune you are supposed to DANCE! From that point on I wanted to meet like minded people and in 2007 those like minded people were found! It was and still is a blessing!

This month Yo Mama will be 2 yers old! Hipsters Don't Dance will be celebrating their 1st birthday next month and if Ain't it Black was still rockin it will be Three years old in december!

so this blog post is dedicated to the ones who make me sweat out each once of energy from me on the dancefloor, rape a wall, stool or chair, made me bang on a wall while spittin some haard core lyrics and screaming "PULLLL UPPPP",break out into the spirit of Dutty whine like this.......

LOL! (Photo taken by Chonsak)

They go by the names of

Ain't it Black ( - This video pretty much sums up the EPIC Nights at AIB

< href="">

Yo Mama

Hipsters Don't Dance (



A massive Thank you

Love you all! Besos xx

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Seasonal Changes

As London says good bye to summer,welcomes grey skies,rain,brisk winds and low temperatures, LA is burnin up *Heatwave*!
With that said I thought this video needed to be posted, it got that LA lovin factor to it,plus I miss the sunshine.I miss the feel good vibes in LA.

Dedicated to my Chonsak xx

hit em wid it Dam funk!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday: Feel good BEATS!

Sundays, the lazy day of the week, a time to sit down, chill and relax, it's also a day for me to dust off some old records and go back into memory lane( although I do find myself doing this nearly everyday) One song on my mind was this:

Freeway Feat Allen Anthony- Alright

Love the video, love the song,love Allen Anthony's vocals on the track but it is that BEAT/INSTRUMENTAL that gets me every time. It just feels so damn good! go on listen to it, tell me you do not feel the same!

Ok now that you have felt the goodness and thought to yourself, oh my! It almost sounds and feels like another song I once heard before, well that's because you probably have..this song right HERE is one of my FAVORITE songs of allllllllllllllll time, the lyrics are C L A S S I C and the video, don't get me started! You know I'm a suckah for 90's videos as it is.

Tribe Called quest -Electric relaxation

oh wee this song has major lyrics.


Monday, 20 September 2010


Two things I want to learn before reaching the ripe age of 30
1. Learn how to double dutch because I could only single dutch.
2. Stomp the yard . Theres something spiritual about making beats with your hands and feet

My footwork game needs to step up, the foot work skillz from the above video is MAJOR!

who has two skipping ropes? only got 5 years to accomplish this challenge!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Hello,Good Morning

Monday mornings doesnt seem so bad when you wake up to beautiful skies and sunrise like this.

This world is Beautiful,heaven is on earth,what a blessing!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

last nite a DJ saved my life...

...and he goes by the name of ?uestlove

This man right here is a man after my own heart, not only does he kills it with the serious 'boom-bat!'drumming skills, he also kills it when djing. The first time I encountered him djing was a couple of years ago after he finished performing with the roots and I was blown away.

I personally love digging through crate's of records and finding little gems. You hear a song, recognise the composition, the arrangement of strings,horn,drum patterns,you don't know the original but you recognise the loop made for a hip hop beat! my goodness those are little gems! To think how these original tracks were made, with no computers,full orchestra's,pure harmonies is out of this world for me, leaves me in awe, listen to some James Brown or Barry White! their arrangements will blow you away,sends you to nostalgia. ?uest finds those little gems and plays the remixes made by hip hop artist/producers.These remixes take on another meaning once looped,re-arranged, its like a never ending evolution of a track, imagine what will be produced in the next twenty years with people using J Dilla''s productions and evolving it into something even better! MADNESS!

Anywho I was in my element, East Village was packed to the brim,we were all head nodding,having eargasims,fed our souls of what we needed! sweated for three hours and rapping our hearts out, good vibes and all. I love watching this man work,his facial expressions when he rips some shit up simultaneously blends one track to another with the same drum pattern, pure BLISS! I would just love to sit in his record collection and get lost within it,that would be super fun!

If ?uestlove is ever around, spinning the wheels of steel or sarato in a city near you, I advise you GO and enjoy the experience!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Say it wit yo chest!


Seriously you need to watch it. I laughed till i cried, I've watched it 3 times in the space of 24 hours. Yesterday while at work I had random outburst of laughter because I would either have a flashback of the show or saw situations that reminded me of his quotes...HILARIOUS!

LMAOOOO "Kev pin the tail on his ass! it his birthday.? why would I do that"____________FLATLINED!

Support the Brother and get his dvd asap!


Two weeks ago I bumped my head at work on a 100% steel safe,ended up with a concussion,had a nose bleed and a constant spreading headache. It was so bad I couldn't laugh too hard apparently while talking to my homeboy he said my laugh now sounded like this old dude....

however I plead the 5th lol

Anywho I was a soldier still went to work and worked through the pain, no work equals to no pay ,it sucks being a temp sometimes.That coming weekend I had tons of stuff to get done,it was carnival weekend the one weekend I look forward to for the whole year! its a free Caribbean affair, a street party for a whole two days!
As usual my excitement reached peak levels , till my head hurt so bad it did not leave my pillow,you ever been in so much pain that when you slept you felt no pain at all? well that was me for the whole weekend, but the party-goer in me still wanted to go carnival just to PALANCE ,get on bad pun di big truck! I didn't leave the house all weekend but was still determined even with my concussion to go to carnival, another 365 days is a long wait for me. So I found my ear plugs,took some pain medication,bottle of water and starburst and made my way. After two hours into carnival by myself , the pain got the better of me and decided to call it a night.

All I wanted to do the next day at work was this...

Damn Concussion! somebody pass me an office chair!

Thursday, 2 September 2010


Cee-Lo is the man! Song written by Bruno Mars, Loving the video, there have been certain times I wish I could sing this song, well just the Fuck you part


"although there a pain in my chest, I still wish you the best with a FUCK YOUUUU!" *smile*

Ps. Thats got to be Cee-lo's son, lil man looks just like him!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Another Day

I don't want to go to work today
I'd rather stay home and play video games
I'd rather chill for real
I don't know how you feel
But sometimes I feel like
I'm Workin' for nuthin' tryin' to get sumthin'
Every where I turn there's a bill standing out
Swim the river climb the hill
Complacency you ain't gone get me

Cause I gotta get up...

I'd rather be in my space
I'd rather chill in my place
So I can go out and play all day I
I'd rather chill at home
I'd rather lay aloneTrue,
but I got to work
I don't wanna go
I wanna play today
But what can I say
Bills to pay
I just can't get comfortable doing nuthin'

-Jill Scott &4hero

Well at least tomorrow is my DAY OFF! Praises to the most high!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


When did Diggy Simmons grow up!! it seems like the other day I watching him on runs house, having hygene issues with sharing soap and having arguments with his lil brother Russey aka my son. I knew he was doing rap thizzle from the show but this is niceeee!

One word. Smoothhhhhhhhhhh!! Gwann Diggy!! Talented and blessed! Big things are going to happen for this young man! TRUE STORIES!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Onra- Long Distance

This year has been blowing my mind with FEEL GOOD MUSIC! now this album right here.....mannn I cant even put it into words, it just puts me in a good mood! I love this dude and his production, oui oui! I looked high and low in the urban section at HMV for this CD , found it all the way in world music section under chinese music *blank stare* I guess they didnt know where to pigeon hole a parisan chinese producer *kanye shrug*

Anywho I am currently in Love with this track High Hopes ft Reggie B

"Looking like a beautiful black queen,I was over there doing my thing, got distacted by the beauty you bring...../I Got high hopes to get this woman of my dreams/I hope we stay together" ohhweee..yea I'll pretty much marry Reggie B with those lyrics and soultry voice check out his myspace here

Another album I have on constant rotation is Big Boi! The beats, the lyrics knocks so hard! I can play the album the whole way through bobbin my head and making my signature screwed up-this -is-the-SHIT type face. What I enjoy the most out of outkast/big boi/Andre 3000's is the skits they produce! Cracks me up every TIME! (Btw we need more skits in albums!) super Hiliarous, the David Blaine skit got me ,I laughed so hard,although the situation is so wrong, get the album and listen to it.
All we need now is a Andre 3000's album or another outkast album and my life will be complete! Only heard two tracks from Andre in the last couple of years and those little doses he has been spittin is SUPA NOVA!

I'm excited to get my hands on Bilal's new album, Jay Electronica and Foreign Exchange

2010 is the YEAR of great music!


Analogue 360 panoramic vision.

Monday, 9 August 2010


I'm having a little struggle, with ending my relationship with sugar and dairy.We grew up and held so many fond memories together. But it's now or never,its make or break time. I have given up milk and now substitute that with,hazelnut milk,oat milk,organic soya milk, rarely does cheese or ice cream come into my food intake, but the one thing I'm struggling with is sugar.
Let me tell you something, sugar is one molecule away from crack! It is addictive! not mention its nearly in every snack known to man! I gotta nip it in the bud because these days manufactures put all sorts of junk in those sugary delicious snacks .. ahem"corn syrup" and I personally want to know what is in my food for I am what I eat!
I was on a hunt for vegan recipes, food I can make and eat in moderation and came across this blog the gluttonous vegan, this woman has the most delicious (but not healthiest) recipes but hey I had to give this a shot and decided to make this on my lazy Sunday afternoon..

POWWW!! Looks delicious doesn't it *smug face* that's because it is!

It was so good I had to read a book with it lol

I also made these cookies earlier in the week..also scrumptious

Roll on the vegan recipe's!!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Signs of a great night!

"You know you had a good night when you sweated out every ounce of energy on the dance floor & even when you thought you could not move anymore,you still danced to your favorite tunes! Voice is gone,body battered, witnessed two fights at two different buss stops. Bought a Mango rubicon and danced with the shop owner, hustled and bustled through Brixton Mc Donalds just for a pancake,it's now day light, birds are chirping. Hello bed I am so happy to see you!


Last night I partied at The Bang Bang Ladies night ball from 11pm to 5am, talk about being a soldier, cameras were flashing, I might of looked possessed and mash up! Tunes was hitting my musical spot, wild out a few times, My friends were DJing and had incredible sets! I was so happy, but to tell you the truth, I can't keep up like I use to, getting out of breath after doing the running man one time and voguing! lol I'm getting old mate, sure can feel it in mi bones.

Best snap shot of the night myself and my new friend Pedro, dancing in his shop(in Dalston) 5:30 in the morning...

*Photo by my dearest friend Inie aka ldnnez*

Monday, 19 July 2010

you think you know, but you have no idea...

How much I LOVEE THIS SONG AND VIDEO! Now bare in mind I was about 7 or 8 years old when I first saw this video and didn't know what a sexy *prince scream* was, but the cello, trumpet, sax,piano and guitar!! blew me away and the harmonies! The fact that prince was sooo damn slick with it!!

So jazzy ,so darn good!! As I got older I realised what Prince was talking about but that rhythm had me at an early age!

Did you hear the harmonies to "sexy motherfucker shakin dat ass!" doesn't that shit sound beautiful! I bet if they harmonise some 2 live crew and uncle still would sound beautiful!

Much Love to the Purple Yoda!

btw.. I hope you all copped that FREE album Prince gave away, the man is a genius!

Sunday, 18 July 2010


Jazzanova-No Use

My home Boi played this song to me and I am totally feeling it! It's not new came out in 2007 However its new to me! Never heard of this German Jazz band before,but I sure will be looklng into more of their music!


Sunday, 20 June 2010

....and im back

....with a new camera in tow ;-)

It has been an amazing two refreshing weeks of FREEDOM!! from work that is! As I mentioned a few post ago,I went went on my American Invasion! First stop was in San Francisco for 3 nights to celebrate my good friends' wedding, it was so beautiful, the ceremony was emotional, eyes welled up with joy and we partied the night away.

I stayed in a wonderful hostel, the best hostel I have ever been to,highly recommend International Hostel Association in San Fran if you ever want to go.

I then spent some time with my homie for life he was the best host and we basically chilled. I needed to, a break was need and a break in the sun full of laughs and good times is what the healing doctor recommended! I went to the hood, the valley met up with my beautiful sister and her children and my twinny from another city. I didn't really want to leave LA because it was such a great time balling on a budget... *Dollar dollar Bills Y'all!!
This is us clubbing it up in Hollywood..I love my peoples!

Seriously LA is a beautiful place to live only problem I had was the traffic jams!

You could fall asleep and wake up and the traffic would of moved 2.5 cm! ok maybe I'm exaggerating but I'm not for traffic, I'm a walking public transport kind of gyal ;-)

The next city was to DC aka Dafna Central that's what the city should be named after she is queen on that city and I stayed in with my friend Dafna, good times but that HUMID HEAT WAS FINNAH KILL A SISTAH, DC is built on a swamp,that explains the mosquito's and unbearable heat!

Here's me at the Famous Chili Bowl,they make a killer cherry milkshake!

Fell in love with the random stickers on their pavements and anonymous art work on the streets.

I headed off to NY on a bus enjoyed the ride and met up with my Capricorn sister Anniebelle!

We went around the city, well mainly Brooklynnnn and Union Square! Loved the Brooklyn Arts Museum, I could possibly live in here and constantly learn something new or just be mesmerised by all the art in this building!

Brooklyn had a couple of handsome men , even bumped into a tall chocolate bald headed cutie * Insert biggie voice here* UGHH! met with more friends i.e my sweetie pie Marcus I've known for around 10 years spent about 10 minutes with him but it was wonderful and my Dearest NY Queen Sade *see us below* ...Good Times!

Overall I had a great time,reflected on a few things,Planned a bit of my future and right now I'm trying to make it happen! Roll on the prosperous future!

**Off topic*** But can we take a moment to appreciate this sink! isn't this just most sexiest sink you have ever seen??!! Look how that water seductively flows out of that tap!


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

If summer was to have a smell..

It would smell, look and sound like this:

This song by Dee Edwards has that old school summer feeling! Makes want to go to a roof party and jam! I pray we have a good summer in Britain this year, please bless us with some sun rays I will do my sun dance just to have some rays!
Check out the original track


I miss the 90's

Its true.I cannot get enough of that era for the simple fact that I grew up in it. These days I find myself during my lunch break going through youtube videos,looking at old skool rnb/new jack swing/ hip hop/cheesey pop/dance etc,having flashback moments. Today I got to thinking.. WHAT THE FUDGE HAPPENED TO R&B IN THE LAST DECADE??! I'm not even going to label whatever has been thrown out into the industry in the past 2-3 years as R&B its just something else, not R&B.
** side note; I will talk about some artist who have fallen off in another post**
I stumbled upon AZ YET listening to a song they covered titled "Hard to say I'm sorry". My goodness I forgot how GREAT they were, the harmonies,runs,rifts and sexual dark chocolate singer with the deep voice! I could of screamed at my work desk, absolutely beautiful! compare this to Trey songs for example its all about sex sex sex, wheres the love love love( & vocal range without trying to sound like R.Kelly's little brother)??

I love this video

Listen to the range of vocals!Did you hear that beautifully sung long note at 2:55 -3:07! did you hear the bass in that mans voice?! can I get a witness!!
This group is almost up there with Boyz II Men with their range & harmonies.

Talk about Harmonies,I am a harmony FIEND! There is one particular song that sticks out for me with killer harmony: For Real. a female Au natural group, they did a song titled: You don't know nothin back in 94 I believe, they used their voices as their only instrument and it was DOPE! This group is the little sister to En Vogue!

I also miss videos like this! Can't turn back the hands of time but for a little moment at least I have youtube to take me back to the 90's!

Monday, 12 April 2010

It smells like..Spring!

This past weekend was pretty cool, the sun came out to play and when the sun is out you shed your many layers of winter clothing! it was only 18 c, we haven't seen the sun in a while and people are bound to get a likkle excited.Lets keep it real though, it is not pum pum shorts wearing season yet people! nahh not even my big toes was catching sun rays, the flip flops will come out when the temperature is 21 c and upwards!

Anyways I digress, I had a wonderful day, rolled up my jeans showed a some leg and put on my straw hat felt the cool breeze and enjoyed the atmosphere. I caught up with my cousin at Carnby street where there was performances by talented singers and dancers, hip hop b-girl dancers to be exact from B.Supreme!

I volunteered at B. supreme a few years back and to see these girls all grown up doing their stuff made me so happy and also made me realise how much I miss doing street dance. I'll get back to it eventually, life is too short. My cousin introduced me to her friends and they were the loveliest bunch of people! lively, full of jokes and fun and to top it all off they were all from a creative background! I felt inspired. You meet people for a reason but just hearing about what they do lifted up my spirits and reminded me to get on my grind. I will not live my life working in an office. NO MA'AM!

The day was so fun walking through Soho and convent Garden I had to take a Polaroid snap:

Good times,more to come! enjoy some Biz Markie spring time goodness!


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Something is up

Something is in the air, Something is in the water! I kid you not! Something is going on.I am noticing a lot of assholes walking around like they got two fallopian tubes and a period on the way.
They want to preach to you give advice when they need help themselves, practise what you preach! say what you mean and mean what you say...with action!In my experience rudeness will only take a person so far, keeping it real is all good but manners and respect will take you a long way. Trust me on that one. Something is in air, Something is definitely in the water.

*Rant Over*


Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Peace and Blessings! I've been MIA for a brief period, living life, trying work a few things out. I 've gotta feeling something big is going to happen, I feel it in my bones!

I've got good news finally after months of looking at a blank note pad or word document,it seems that my writers block is making an exit! thus far I have written 1,000 words to be exact in 20 minutes! yes I'm on a roll! also I'm looking forward to my long overdue break! my dearest friend is going to get married and I will be there with my confetti and rice! not only that but myself and my sistren are gonna be doing pit stops at



and NYC! Ohhh yeaaaa!!!

I need to know:
Where to go to eat *vegetarian*
Where to shop
Where to party and mingle!
Good fun things to do and see! If anybody has any suggestions please holla at me, it would be appreciated. I think I might go on a mini man hunt,ya know carry a poison pipe and a bow and arrow and take a man over my shoulder, yup I'm on my cave woman type ish ;) (I'm kidding,really)

As you know I'm a vegetarian, and this month marks my first year in vegetarianism! yay for me! I've been attending alot of healthy eating workshops and was able to go to a vegan cooking workshop and it is wonderful. There is so much things you can do with food!
I would like to share some of the things I have learnt because I think its beneficial for all to know, spread the love!

I learnt that each vegetable and fruit are used for specific organs, our bodies are complex and made up of different colours, the fruit and veg reflect that.
Now if you look at a fruit it should resemble and organ for an example if you look at a cashew nut it looks like a kidney. If you cut a red papper,apple,or tomato it resembles the heart ,cut a carrot or a kiwi fruit and it resembles the eyes. How AMAZING is that! You live and learn something new everyday.

Below is a recipe of a beautiful juice which benefits the whole body and nice perk up to your morning.You will need a good juicer to do this.

Green Juice/Liquid Sunshine

For the green juice aka liquid sunshine, you can basically Juice anything green. You can do variations with spinach, broccoli, parsley etc. as for portions go for what you feel. I dash whatever amounts into the juicer, taste and decide if I want more fruit in the juice. No need to peel the fruit/veg, wash and dash it all in the juicer

For an extra kick you could add a bit of ginger
I chose to use organic and fresh vegetables if possible. It is best to drink this first thing in the morning or you could have some warm water with lemon first to cleanse out your system from toxins and then drink the juice.

Breakfast shake
Blend a handful of cashew nuts
Organic Oat milk (you can use soya milk, quinoa milk, hazelnut milk but not cows milk or any animal milk. we are keeping it Au natural innit!)
Ripe Plantain half or whole or if you like a banana
A dash of oats
A couple of dates (with seeds taken out)
Dash of cinnamon and nutmeg
Vanilla extract (not essence)
The dates and plantain gives the milk shake the sweetness. In this shake is protein and if you are very active you can drink this throughout the day If you want it extra sweet you can use agave syrup.

And there you have it! An all natural raw breakfast.

Bon appetit.


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Wise words from my Grandmother

I think my Grandmother should of been a comedian, because she is hilarious! She just comes out with stuff that will make you crack up and there isn't a time when I haven't been at my grandparents house and not had a serious belly laughter. I think both my Grandparents get funnier with age!

Last weekend I went over to my grandparents to chill and umm await for my granddaddy to make me the best fish cakes EVER!
(please see below)

Anywho I got to thinking about all the things my Grandmother has taught me, and all the funniest things she has ever done or said to me for an example when I was around the age of of nine or ten, a growing child with big feet! my dad is a size 15 so go figure. At one point I was wearing size 9 shoes at 9 years old 10 at 10 (10 uk size 13 US) my feet even went up to a 12 but then shrunk back to a 10..don't ask me how that happened.*Kanye shrug*
So one day I was having difficultly getting school shoes and told my grandma about it and she comes out with: (while laughing) "it looks like we have to find two baby coffin fi fit yuh feet..." Seriously who comes up with stuff like that?!! At the time it wasn't too funny but now that I look back and think about it, it is kinda funny

Back in the days my granny would instruct me to walk in front of her whenever we went shopping. She would tell me to walk like a penguin because I use to, no actually I still do walk pigeon toed and the knock knees didn't help either, but now when I do walk like a penguin my feet actually are straight, Grandma knows best!!
I thought I would share some of the thoughtful things she has told me:

1.Manners and Respect takes you a long way.

2. You must always say your prayers and give thanks

3. Always use the toilet before you leave the house. You are not always guaranteed that there will be a clean toilet when u leave the house.

4.You must laugh, talk and sit like a lady..

5.When you are out You must talk in properly.In proper grammar.

6. Don't leave the house too late at night, make sure u reach home before sunset.

7.As long as you have a good man, he could be blue, green, white or black, as long as he treats you well

8. One of the best quotes: "La La you must be careful with some of these men, they might look pretty but they could have AIDS! You must protect yourself!" Seriously..You gotta love granny!

oh and I'll leave with one of the conversations we had about Lady Gaga..

Granny: Who is this Ga Ga girl?
Me: oh she an artist
Granny: but how come this girl(Leona Lewis) can't win any awards on the Brits?, she sing so nice and is a pretty girl but this Ga Ga girl can win??! Her frock was hideous,I don't know what she dressed like
Me: (laughing) well that's her style
Granny: look like she gone Ga Ga fi true!

*LOL*I love this woman!

Big up to my Granny!!

~L~ xx

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Pen-man-ship: Hustle

If you haven't watched any of the BBC's Hustle series, you need to. I love this programme the writing is so on point, it inspires me to write! I believe the writers for this show are ex-con artist because it is just absolutely brilliant and it doesn't help that I have a a slight crush on this actor

Mr Adrian Lest, I love the character he suave, a charmer and handsome.
Actually I love all of the charecters and the actors that play them.

Ugh I need to get all of the series on DVD and somehow get rid of the blasted writers block I am currently suffering from, because this programme is just GENIUS! I just want to be in a fly on the wall when all the writers brainstorm a well written script!

Peace & Love


Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Self Appreciation Day!

AKA Valentines day!.. I believe you should tell your loved ones that you love them everyday and show that you appreciate them through out the year, not just on Valentines day.

But anywho spreading the love on Internet paper!

Spread the LOVE and give a HUG!



Friday, 12 February 2010

Window Seat

Right now I need a little upliftment,my energy has been on a low vibration for a while now and I need to pick it up turn on my chakras and get back to me. I feel like I need a break go away somewhere to chill,think and rest. At present I am looking forward to Erykah Badu's new album and I love love her song titled Window seat.It instantly spoke of what I was feeling:

Can I get a window seat
don't want nobody next to me
I just want a ticket outta town
a look around
and a safe touch down
window seat
don't ant nobody next to me
I just want a chance to fly
a chance to cry
and a long bye bye

Oh and bridge gets even better!

but I need you to want me
I need you to miss me
I need your attention
I need you next to me
I need someone to clap for me
I need your direction
Somebody say come back
Come back baby, come back


anywho moving on, one must keep PUSHING!


Untold Story..

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you"
- Maya Angelou


Its quite frustrating to love and care for somebody who doesn't show it back to you. I've been holding my feelings inside for a while,my untold story.I've been holding on to HOPE.
I don't know how long I can hold on to that word.
Slowly losing my grip.
Starting to feel more like rope burn.



Friday, 5 February 2010

End of an Era

I have to get this off my chest. Over time you grow with your family and you learn most from your Elders with their wise words. Throughout this last decade I have lost Family members.
I'm finding it hard to accept that my elders are passing away one by one, it feels as if an End of an Era is near.My aunt passed away the day before my birthday and it struck me that One day I'll have to view my Mother,Grandmother, Grandfather, Father in a Casket and deal with the whole preparation of a funeral.I don't know how I will cope.

When my uncle passed in 2007 I saw him about 2 hours after he passed and I helped him out while he was sick but it hit me that his only his body was there not his spirit, not his jokes. I will no longer see him tell a dry joke, or make videos with his camera. I miss walking into their homes smelling cooked food, the texture of their wall the loud 1960's wall paper print and the loud mix matched carpet.

I get a lump in my throat and an ache in my heart.I try my best to cherish each moment I have with my elders and stop to tell them I love them and how much of an influence they have on me and continue to keep some of the family traditions alive.I know that the body is only a shell for the spirit, but once the last breath is gone the spirit has moved on, its done its time and purpose and many lessons were learnt.Its not death, Its just a transition in the spiritual form. I got to appreciate this,the spirit is always there and memories will forever live on.

Sending love to my ancestors and elders who have passed.




I went and saw this movie with my homie at the Imax Cinema in 3D! it was on @ exactly 00:20! yes and it felt as if this was a bumpin Friday/Saturday night not an early Tuesday morning!

My eyes were burning with awe and pleasure!! I totally loved the realness of the animation/visual effects and I totally understood the story line! I couldn't see why people didn't get it!! There were many references made which made me think back to slavery/colonialism but the Na'Vi people in my eyes represented AFRICA! It screamed it by the braids,facial features and physique, even though they all looked alike certain features instantly made out as African.(blue is the new black didn't you know? lol) But in a nut shell it represents Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan! Any country who had been robbed for its natural beauty/resources :oil,Gold,Diamonds,Silver etc and will do anything to get what they want and damage its indigenous people.

What I connected to the most was deities, the spiritual aspect, the connection with mother nature which no man can break regardless of their man made power! I totally loved the 3D experience,was a bit upset I couldn't take the 3D glasses home:( but the in depth details within the Na'vi characters and visuals blew my mind, I believe I am going to watch that movie over and over again.Maybe I'll find an even more in depth message just like the Matrix(that's a big maybe). With the Matrix I can watch all of the sequels and receive a different message and a better overstanding...

But with Avatar I think I'm just fascinated with the visuals and details.All the research they must of done to craft these characters; from the tribal marks, head dress etc.

yup I'm still in awe


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Forever Young!

Yes I have reached the ripe age of a quarter of a century! But I still feel like im 18 years old therefore I am 25 years YOUNG! Time has flown so quickly and I'm still in amazement that I have reached here already!! WHERE DID THE TIME GO??!! just the other day I was in high school!!

Anywho I was with my arrangements for my b-day and ended up going to a Thai restaurant and then going for a likkle boogie at Market Place. Overall it was aiight, I'm blessed to see another year and have my loved ones around me, for that I am forever grateful! My little sister called me, My Dad called me from JA and My homie called from Cali, I felt a lot of love oh and my Facebook was rammed with birthday wishes, you just gotta smile at all that love! My sistrens got me the best gift in the world... A Diana F instant back...basically an attachment to my camera where I can take Polaroid photos. ANALOGUE LOVE BABY!! IT IS A BEAUT! My Cousin got me a pair of PINK headphones,my extended fam HHD made me the best Birthday CD EVER! my mother got me a precious crystal ring with so many harmonious benefits! I LOVE IT ALL! but what topped off the nite was bumping into Mr Idris Alba..SEXY CHOCOLATE.. and because it was my birthday and he was a bit drunk he agreed to take a pic with me aww...See below( you may have squint your eyes a little bit)

(ok maybe you need to squint a little harder lol)

Im 25 and I have a whole year to celebrate it! umm road trip? BERLIN ANYONE?