Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Wise words from my Grandmother

I think my Grandmother should of been a comedian, because she is hilarious! She just comes out with stuff that will make you crack up and there isn't a time when I haven't been at my grandparents house and not had a serious belly laughter. I think both my Grandparents get funnier with age!

Last weekend I went over to my grandparents to chill and umm await for my granddaddy to make me the best fish cakes EVER!
(please see below)

Anywho I got to thinking about all the things my Grandmother has taught me, and all the funniest things she has ever done or said to me for an example when I was around the age of of nine or ten, a growing child with big feet! my dad is a size 15 so go figure. At one point I was wearing size 9 shoes at 9 years old 10 at 10 (10 uk size 13 US) my feet even went up to a 12 but then shrunk back to a 10..don't ask me how that happened.*Kanye shrug*
So one day I was having difficultly getting school shoes and told my grandma about it and she comes out with: (while laughing) "it looks like we have to find two baby coffin fi fit yuh feet..." Seriously who comes up with stuff like that?!! At the time it wasn't too funny but now that I look back and think about it, it is kinda funny

Back in the days my granny would instruct me to walk in front of her whenever we went shopping. She would tell me to walk like a penguin because I use to, no actually I still do walk pigeon toed and the knock knees didn't help either, but now when I do walk like a penguin my feet actually are straight, Grandma knows best!!
I thought I would share some of the thoughtful things she has told me:

1.Manners and Respect takes you a long way.

2. You must always say your prayers and give thanks

3. Always use the toilet before you leave the house. You are not always guaranteed that there will be a clean toilet when u leave the house.

4.You must laugh, talk and sit like a lady..

5.When you are out You must talk in properly.In proper grammar.

6. Don't leave the house too late at night, make sure u reach home before sunset.

7.As long as you have a good man, he could be blue, green, white or black, as long as he treats you well

8. One of the best quotes: "La La you must be careful with some of these men, they might look pretty but they could have AIDS! You must protect yourself!" Seriously..You gotta love granny!

oh and I'll leave with one of the conversations we had about Lady Gaga..

Granny: Who is this Ga Ga girl?
Me: oh she an artist
Granny: but how come this girl(Leona Lewis) can't win any awards on the Brits?, she sing so nice and is a pretty girl but this Ga Ga girl can win??! Her frock was hideous,I don't know what she dressed like
Me: (laughing) well that's her style
Granny: hmph..it look like she gone Ga Ga fi true!

*LOL*I love this woman!

Big up to my Granny!!

~L~ xx