Saturday, 28 June 2008

Puma Puma Puma!!

To tell you the truth im a bit knackered, to go into detail about this wonderful event.So let me be as brief as I can...ahem..

So I was invited to a puma party to celebrate the guy who design some of the puma trainers birthday(sorry I forgot his name),it was also an exhibition to celebrate his work thus far.
It was wonderfully presented and organised by the wonderful Mr Merrick Johnson aka Mr Dopeness!!( thats my offical title for him in my previous blog titled Lady Glock Photography/Candy Coated Jewels). Inside and outside was packed and free beer was near enough in everybodys hands

Here are some pics of the Puma Trainers displayed
This pair of Pumas are damn well sexy!!
After mingling with the people we decided to go downstairs where the party began and started to shock out for a while,
Check out Mr Lingo
Lee lee with her bad Gyal Camera
Lady Lax and Lady Glock

And then the wonderful night was over, but we still chilled outside and hung out for a bit

Group Pic with Richard itt!

After debating where to go next we found ourselves at the Legion and bumped into some Aint it Black regulars!!
After a good two hour workout we headed out side sang a few songs and enjoyed Ibrahim's version of Prince black sweat and did a Jewish ittt workin up a Jew sweatttt owwww...that was a dedication to Miss Dafna and was the best song for the whole nite!!
He betta sang it!!

Untill next time.....

Over and Out! x

Friday, 27 June 2008


WARNING... do not let me go to Borders or any book shop when short on cash!!

I visited two book shops in one day and consumed four books and a vogue magazine! reading feeds my curiosity but one in particular caught my eye....

As ,Iwas leaving borders content with my Alice Walker book I came across this..

it autiomatically pulled me towards the table and had me flicking thru the pages with big wide eyes!

I could not put the book down nor leave it where it was and had to go straight to the cashier to purchase it!

I love the fact that it is a humorous type of photography, although Terry Richardson has an obsession with his phallus and everything within a sexual nature, but I loved his comparisons between two photographs such as this

and also a comparison between a blow up doll... and its human twin,I have an inkling that she also has the same occupation lol

and this one I LOVE! I have a thing for black & white/sepia photography...


Hahahaha at this one!!

Love ittt!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Modern buildings in the distance...

I was walking through Borough with my peoples and came acorss a few modern buildings.I had my camera in hand(as always) and decided to click away. There was no particular reason for the pics of buildings it just looked so beautiful to me in contrast to the grey clouds. Me being me I thought I would share it with the world.


Monday, 16 June 2008

The tunnel!

ahhh the Tunnel.One decides to be an adventurer a tourist in my own city! and see about this magical tunnel @ Towerbrige just out side the queens hall., which connects to people on the other side of the world @ Brooklyn Bridge. After a hard day of work, good ole 9-5 i took it upon my self to make my journey. When I arrived a few people were hanging around.

Here i was being little naive me ,thinking it was free.... nope! you had to pay 100 pennies! yes indeed £1 to see this tunnel with a web cam and no sound, so I queued up waiting to put place my golden coin to receive a ticket, now doesn't this ticket dispenser remind you of the movie Big with Tom hanks?

I waited for a couple of seconds and tadaaa! I received my ticket!

while I was waiting in the queue for my turn to wave at strangers I thought I would take pic of good ole Tower Bridge ( also known as London bridge to Fergie and other passive viewers of her video...tut tut)

After about ten minutes it was my turn and a bunch of other tourist to wave at Americans!!

You really can't see it too well but this how it looked in the tunnel

For a good minute I was there staring into the screen watching people stare back at me. But then we started playing paper, scissors, rock with one dude and another challenged me to a pop n lock contest! now if u didn't already know I'm a danceaholic so I challenged him back! then I looked around me & felt a little bit out of place black girl getting her groove on with a bunch of tourist with cameras in hand ready to snap away and city people (you know the ones with the stiff upper lip) at this point I took it upon myself to simmer down for a hot minute, smiled and waved LOL!

As myself and the other visitors started to enjoy our London/New York connection, an old lady came by and started waving and the the cam froze! shock shock horror horror! was this fraud?! was this even real?? was this all recorded and made us think it was actually live!! I was going to demand my 100 pennies back but decided such force was not necessary, however I had fun and at least I can say I met a stranger @ Brooklyn Bridge without having to leave Tower Bridge!

I wanna give a shout out to my dearest East Coast/ New Yorkers.. firstly my Brooklynite LINKY POOHZ!! I love youu!! and SAMMUELZ/SIGHFUR the man with the magic beats, my word prophet/lyrical genius!! I love this man , his delivery, flow & off the dome-ness! check out his myspizzle to listen to his beats and also his other page its hip hop in its most fun loving happy go lucky, meets off the rector scale subject matters with a whole bag of comedy and a dash of seriousness! I personally LOVE IT..but that's just me! go to his page already!

over and out!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Dora the Explorer....

So yesterday,I was chillin with my mini me's (my little sisters) & I noticed that they were playing some kinda game entertaining themselves... and then I saw it......................................DORA THE EXPLORER LAPTOP!

OK so you may think I'm a bit old for Dora the explorer but that shizzle was fun pressing "A "for Apple and stuff,it was fun,educational and taught you a little bit of Spanish! in my day we had Speak and Spell!!

no such thing as a Dora the explorer laptop! Back in the day we had normal teddies like Rupert the Bear or the ones you would bring to your teddy bear picnics at school(you know what I am talking about!) not Tickle Me Elmo!! how I wish I had one of those it was fun throwing Elmo in the air and have Elmo scream "higherrrr, higherrr!"
oh and in the middle of the laptop there's a mini Dora the explorer and when you get an answer right she moves her arms up and down! so cute!

So if you really love me....get me a Dora the Explorer laptop,or a Finding Nemo laptop or better yet how about a apple laptop

*drool*...I will love you for life! lol nah just playing ..I mean, its doesn't have to be a 24 karat gold cased mac book..just a good ole regular apple mac laptop/notebook will do:P

Since I'm on the topic of kids toys and stuff I found this on youtube the sesame street version of do the right thing! lol ENJOY!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

It's Been a while...

Yo Yo Yo!!! Hey people! Sorry I have been disconnected from the world! but not much has been poppin off on my side.. well there has been just that i have been tired!, i've got a 9-5 (yay) I don't really enjoy it (boo hoo) but it pays the bills!(yayyy)

where have I been i hear you ask! Inna mi yard! times are hard.nowadays I club and rave in my bedroom like old times and bus a sweat! lol However I did venture out last week and went to Ain't It Black @ Favela Chic,Mr Fontz was the master of ceremonies pumpin the crowd looking Phresh & like LL Cool J Jnr and Mr Jason Jermaine rocked and blessed the stage with his vocals! I tell you that man's songs go so HARD! his music is a mixture of funk soul, pop and a dash of electro! LOVE ITTT! don't beleive me go see for yourself! check out his myspizzle as follows>>>>

Mr Jason Jermaine

Seriously Fontz is fresher than a pair of old skool Cazal Sunglasses!

It was a vibing night! they played Baltimore club music! ahhhhh you gotta love it I busted out in a sweat,it was so good I started doing effed up faces in mid dance while dancin in the soul was serious! see>>

it gets better though...


Shout out to Chonsak & Ibrahim

Mr Chonsak

check out Ibrahim's throwback sexy shoes!

Shout out to Mani his designer friend(sorry I forgot his name) and his other friend wid the head wrap who heard bmore music for the first time and was down for the CAUSE!

Shout out to my brother from anotha mother Ishola and sister from another mista Dafna!

That night was supreme and Istill rolled out to work the next morning MASH UP!

Make sure you go to the next event! it is FREE! so no excuses! for more info check out the myspace>>>

Dumplin & Fitness First?

I was at work on my lunch, I brought some callaloo from home but didn't have nothing to eat with it. so I went to Take two for a dumplin(it is usually spelt dumpling but im typing it how it is said lol DUMPLIN!) now how ironic that the paper bag the dumplin was placed in was advertising fitness first membership for the "beach body" with a big greasy fried dumplin!

Callaloo & dumplin...YUMMY

Hmmmm Dumplin 60p..... to achieve a beach bum according to fitness first at the starting price of only £24.95 per month

Nahh im good thanks..i'll just walk it out, jog it out, climb the stairs for £FREE.99!

Do you see the grease patch!

I found that quite , maybe all that water flour and oil may add extra fat to my long back!

anyway that will be all for now...

Till next time,over and out!