Wednesday, 27 February 2008

My Trapstar experience...wid a lil gold and a pager....15/2/08

Ahhhhhh,Trapstar...never really heard of it till the day I actually went to the event, location up in shoreditch/old street. When I first heard about it I thought it was called trakstar, so my cousin corrected me and I asked what is it? what is it about? and is it free?? she told me it was a fashion label and what not and of course it is free! well shitttt im there!! lol so we turn up get searched by the door and i did my workout before gettin on the dance floor! those stairs were burnin a sistahs thighs but it was all good and as we were goin up i noticed all the graffiti and tag work on the walls i shudda taken a pic but I was either too busy walking up or down the stairs and tryna catch my breath LOL

Anywho we got to the top floor and entered a nearly packed room with YoYo regulars and other people within the fashion and music industry,I saw Mr Charlie hustle himself always looking suave lol check out his tee's>> , Kesh was there,swaggaerific Mc Verbz ,Mr rope chain himself Master Shortie etc etc ,

The DJ was playing a few good tunes and was over doing it with the rewinds then all of a sudden the sound system was acting up and it took them over an hour to get it fixed.... but moving right along...

So the Cool kids hailing from the Chi-town were performing and so was the Carps hailing from Canada. So my crew and I found a spot right up front so we could get a good view and bwoyyy the Carps were rockin it! Home boi cud sure play the drums and the other dude could sure rock with that guitar!..
Yea I didn't get a good pic of the guitarist,but he had a hard core leather jacket see it? lol
As we were trying to watch the performance this likkle snotty face, dutty face bwoy and his homie was trying to squeeze up front when there was no bloody space..I swear they was trying so hard and then they had the nerve to have ATTITUDE..Iwas ready to give them two bitch lick( a bitch slap)

So after the Carps was done performing the sound system was still acting up and they were trying to fix it. The Cool Kids came up and performed, I even got a handshake from the the delicious slender dude Mikey *does the blush face* they was spittin their rhymes on a trolley blud! that was their stage lol..but guess who came back tryna get up front..yes those two likkle snotty faced dutty, face bwoy dem and dude was really tryna push me with consistency! so a sistah had to fight back and defend her territory,I refused to be purposely bumped into and and pushed about so I stomped on his pinky toe:D yeaaa how about that for a heavy weight BITCH! and he stopped after that:D..fuck with my GANGSTA SON! SLOW YA ROLE! ahemm *clears throat*
Other than that little disturbance, The Cool Kids were doing their thugthizzle had us nodding our head repeating lyrics i.e..wid a lil gold and a pagerrrrrr..... O0O0O AND THE INFECTIOUS BLACK MAG SONG...Pedal down the foot hills,Wheelies on the front...P-p-pedal down the foot hills,Wheelies on the front..I'm on the dyno with the black mags..cheaaa... and all thatgood stuff!.... I must say we were right up front so I got that close up without the zoom baby! check out the snapshots!

Awwww isn't he just so DELICIOUS!!??


oh and the Cameras and flashing lights in that joint was FIERCE! after the performance we decided to call it a night and head for home oo00o and on the way down the stairs i really thought it was a figment of my imagination but naw...I saw Amy Winehouse rollin up a cigarette ,talking to a friend she looked well and less least her hair was black because the blonde look was a shocker and was not complimenting her at all! lol hopefully she is getting her life on track, coz she sure has talent!

Hmm...Valentine egg?

Yea I know I'm a bit slow with the post's but anywho...

Twas Feb 14th 2008,Valentines Day aka Self Appreciation Day.One was hungry and decided to have two boiled eggs with some toast for breakfast........and look how my egg came out tho!

Kinda cute huh lol

Here's a close up...

Tell me that shit ain't weird! a Heart shaped egg! LOL i guess the egg loved me?? seriously I was looking at the egg and expecting Aston Kutcher to come out my kitchen cupboard screaming you got PUNK'D!
Just something I wanted to share with the world..that will be all
Love,Peace and Hair Grease!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

J-DillaTribute/ Birthday party 7/2/08 @ Favela chic

The J-Dilla Birthday Party at Favela Chic was off the Girdle!
It was my first time attending this venue & I had to admire the decor! I actually feel in love wit it! here are some of my snapshots

When I arrived @Favela Chic,It was quiet at first.I was observing the crowd,noting the differences between the J-Dilla fans and the people who just bumped into the venue,suited & booted in work attire expecting a chill night after a hard days work BLAHHHHH! They was in for a surprise when the DJ started killing us with the Dilla beats,Paz from the lookout crew hyping the crowd with mic in tow by the end of the night they bizzounced!

Mr Hype man himself PAZ!

Hey Zeus and Bad fx performing... ..lyric of the night"Just keep bangin like a Dilla Instrumental!"..INDEED!

Waltz spittin sum Pharacyde lyrics! His rope chain goes soo hard!lol

The crowd was vibin a few performances and freestyling,dope rhymes and photographers with their *sings kanye style* flashing light light lightss! DJ was rockin the place,he became my teacher as I acted as student soaking up on some Dilla studies!

o0oo I also met my match with a dude(he goes by the name of Ahmed reppin Brooklyn! and is gifted when it comes to piano keys! check out his myspizzle! doing the wickedest freestyle movements and wanted to challenge me! it was on & pop! pop! poppin! we had to battle! doin the robot, the wop, cabbage patch,a lil playful pop and lock lol it was all fun and jokes but i must say ahemmm....*clears throat* I won the battle!:D lol :P

we heart to dance!

o0o They even fed us Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!whattttt!
Sorry I do not have any evidence of the doughnuts, as I was too busy eating mine and enjoying the moment! Those Krispy Kremes tasted good on my lips and added pounds to my hips but i ain't complaining the shit tasted gooooodddd!!:D

Ok so where was I..oh yes so after myself and my challenger Ahmed got a lil tired the real break dancing began,B-boys came outta nowhere! ya know with pure fireceness and seriousness.By this point I was spent chewing on a starburst for energy and drinkin a large cup of water!

Overall I enjoyed my self danced like there was no tomorrow,fell in love wid the beats again and was feelin the vibe! i said before the nite was off the GIRDLE! so yea umm same time, same place, next year babyyy!!


J-Dilla Changed my Life@ Cargo 10/2/08

Well if you didn't know Dilla passed away in 2006 from a rare blood disease named TTP( Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura) and Lupus,so Doctors Order in Association with Stussy UK organised a tribute night for Dilla and all proceeds made form the nite was put towards the Lupus UK and J-Dilla Foundation.It was kinda a free event, puttin my donation in the lil bucket and getting my free lupus sticker! I was ready to live it up for a good cause!
So I arrived @ Cargo just in time no long queues! waiting for the nite to heat up,chillin by the bar ,people started coming in bucket loads then it got packed like a muthafukka!

Shortee Blitz was the host of the night gettin the crowd to interact,DJ's was spinning,we were all vibing and feeding off the Dilla doughnuts!Met some random,fun and weird people lol here's some pics of the night....feel tha vibe!!

here we are posin with our Candy Coated Jewels tee's and sweatshirts..go check out their website

o0o0o so fierce!