Friday, 30 October 2009


Just received this youtube link.

"Sir black people have an unfair advantage"
"Their dicks have nothing to do with the way they fucking run!" __________________FLATLINED!



Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Was about to check my mail when I saw this

The caption reads as follows:

"Pop icon Lady GaGa is to give away a unique part of her body with the deluxe edition of her new album"

I dunno man,firstly what body part she finnah give away with her deluxe album? and secondly who the hell wants a body part with an album?!

*insert blank stare/raised eyebrow here*

chica is on some other level! lol


Love Thy Self

Last nite I was watching two documentries about ethnic minorites having the desire to be white/westernised(via bleching creams nip & tucking body parts) to be accepted within society and it got me thinking. People we need to LOVE ourselves and learn to ACCEPT who we are, appreciate it, love it and embrace your knowledge of self because it is what makes you..YOU. We are all beautiful with all of our flaws.
It breaks my heart to watch documentries like this where people stil have this imperial/colonised ideology that being white or fairer is better or would improve your life and be accepted within this community called globalisation.

Spread the love, give a hug


~La'Donna~ xx

Is it just me or...

Am I the only one who is a little freaked out by these walking lips in the xbox lips commerical?

It just looks soo bizzare to me, if one of those lips jumped on my shoulder im punching it in the teeth!


Monday, 12 October 2009

Meet My Baby No: 2

It is a Diana flash camera he goes by the name Mr Pink, and he is SEXXCEEE! lol He is my second purchase from the Lomography Store and I simply cannot get enough of the products from this store reppin hard for all the analogue lovers! I must say it is expensive to process some of the film but it is worth every penny for the shots that come out.

I will post a few pics up soon!

~L~ xx

Friday, 9 October 2009

Life is better, now that I found you....

Ahh yess, this song bumps hard and the creativity of the video bumps even harder!!
Q-tip paying homage to Hip-Hop with Norah Jones soothing vocals = bliss.

I heart me some Q-tip

~L~ x