Monday, 9 November 2009


well not exactly but youtube is the new TV lol

Venom & Damage..OMG Video

I have cringe moments when looking at my facial expressions! why does my bottom lip drop like that LOL!
Anywho I wanna give a BIG shout out to Daniel(Venom aka video genius) and my dearest Ibrahim (the sexy delicious man dancing with the fly hat looking like a dream in the video *GETTT ITTT!*) for getting me involved in this creative,nutritious, home made lo fi music video O.M.G. It was fun and I even got to chill out wid the cookie monster till he started to raid my bag for low fat cookies (please see below)

On that note hope you enjoyed the video as much as I enjoyed sweating and dancing in the video!

Love ,peace and O.M.G-ness


Thursday, 5 November 2009

Hmm..Space Fruit or Many Moons?

Many Moons...

Last night I was having a dilemma on where to go. You see I was super hyped when word got around that SA-RA would be performing @ Deviation and I was ready to go and have a Taz Arnold space fruit moment but then news got around that Janelle Monae was going to be performing at Cargo on the same nite! EEK!! I have been waiting and wanting this woman to come and perform over here for two years!I remember Janelle Monae looking like a cute lil doll in her cute afro minus a metropolis/cyborg uniform when I first heard her song "letting go" I was an instant fan.

For the whole day I was having a debate between me myself and I. As I made my way to go and see SA-RA I decided to take a little de-tour and walk past Cargo to see whats up and see if a sistah could sneak in for free(gotta try a ting sometimes!) as soon as my foot hit Cargo who do I see coming out of a taxi... a beautiful petite woman with a exquisite uniform and a major quiff hair style...It was Janelle Monae rolling with her crew(I'm thinking she was with deep cotton or of the two). YEA I WAS PRETTY MUCH STAR STRUCK. I have a problem with talking to artist or famous people, I just choke up but can easily talk to offenders and the general public! BLAH!

Anywho after walking past and actually seeing Janelle Monae I knew I had to go in and see her perform! I'm sure I'll get to see SA-RA once hit Cali or some place else.

She was amazing this chica is extra crazy,free spitited, animated o0o0 and so unique. She has the most off the wall but cute unique dance I ever seen! It was like watching a cute bunny rabbit bounce around really hard catching the holy spirit with a dash of moonwalking and James Browns foot work! freakin loved it! Loved her possessed wild energy plus her drummer was HELLA SEXY! oh and her guitarist was doing the bidnezz with the killa hair to match.

My girl has vocalz and can belt out some tunes,she sang songs from her Metropolis Suite I of IV: The Chase album and her new song "Come Alive" from her new album coming out in 2010 titled Metropolis Suites II & III .

Miss Monae she was singing and painting on stage, dancing so hard that her quiff was set free! dancing on the floor with baby powder, jumping into the crowd and throwing her painting to the crowd. Just out of this world! So animated! Check out the pics!
Oh yes can we get a James Brown cape moment please!Ain't nothing like being in the spirit of music while rolling on a baby powered floor! CHURCH!
~L~ xx

Monday, 2 November 2009

My Luxury Cococure...

So I went to see Maxwell at the Hammersmith Apollo on Saturday night. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! my goodness the man even sweats sexy! yes i am in love the man,he gave me eargasims!


The physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of rhythmatic excitation, usually resulting from stimulation MUSIC and usually accompanied in the male or female artist/instrument

Eargasm to feel and hear music which makes you
A) make the ugly face
B) makes you wanna sing and scream
C) Let the music take over your body making you move your body like you have done before

oh yes I beleive I left the concert pregnant! Thats right instant pregnancy through songs! LMAO! I kid..

Maxwell was in his stride getting sensual and sexual doing the James Brown split back up , moving and grooving! The band was delicious I love me some horns and those musicsians can blow! The drums, the guitar and it was beautiful to see Maxwell overwhlemed by the instruments in his element!

It was a beautiful experience only thing that pissed me of was the middle aged women behind me chattin so loud that I couldn't even hear maxwell talk and short woman with her blonde weave standing evey minute blocking my view!

Anywho i wasn't content with that experience alone, I think im crazy but im buying me another ticket to see maxwell again! yes best beleive imma be up at the front having eargasmic moments!

oh yes!