Sunday, 20 June 2010

....and im back

....with a new camera in tow ;-)

It has been an amazing two refreshing weeks of FREEDOM!! from work that is! As I mentioned a few post ago,I went went on my American Invasion! First stop was in San Francisco for 3 nights to celebrate my good friends' wedding, it was so beautiful, the ceremony was emotional, eyes welled up with joy and we partied the night away.

I stayed in a wonderful hostel, the best hostel I have ever been to,highly recommend International Hostel Association in San Fran if you ever want to go.

I then spent some time with my homie for life he was the best host and we basically chilled. I needed to, a break was need and a break in the sun full of laughs and good times is what the healing doctor recommended! I went to the hood, the valley met up with my beautiful sister and her children and my twinny from another city. I didn't really want to leave LA because it was such a great time balling on a budget... *Dollar dollar Bills Y'all!!
This is us clubbing it up in Hollywood..I love my peoples!

Seriously LA is a beautiful place to live only problem I had was the traffic jams!

You could fall asleep and wake up and the traffic would of moved 2.5 cm! ok maybe I'm exaggerating but I'm not for traffic, I'm a walking public transport kind of gyal ;-)

The next city was to DC aka Dafna Central that's what the city should be named after she is queen on that city and I stayed in with my friend Dafna, good times but that HUMID HEAT WAS FINNAH KILL A SISTAH, DC is built on a swamp,that explains the mosquito's and unbearable heat!

Here's me at the Famous Chili Bowl,they make a killer cherry milkshake!

Fell in love with the random stickers on their pavements and anonymous art work on the streets.

I headed off to NY on a bus enjoyed the ride and met up with my Capricorn sister Anniebelle!

We went around the city, well mainly Brooklynnnn and Union Square! Loved the Brooklyn Arts Museum, I could possibly live in here and constantly learn something new or just be mesmerised by all the art in this building!

Brooklyn had a couple of handsome men , even bumped into a tall chocolate bald headed cutie * Insert biggie voice here* UGHH! met with more friends i.e my sweetie pie Marcus I've known for around 10 years spent about 10 minutes with him but it was wonderful and my Dearest NY Queen Sade *see us below* ...Good Times!

Overall I had a great time,reflected on a few things,Planned a bit of my future and right now I'm trying to make it happen! Roll on the prosperous future!

**Off topic*** But can we take a moment to appreciate this sink! isn't this just most sexiest sink you have ever seen??!! Look how that water seductively flows out of that tap!