Tuesday, 13 April 2010

If summer was to have a smell..

It would smell, look and sound like this:

This song by Dee Edwards has that old school summer feeling! Makes want to go to a roof party and jam! I pray we have a good summer in Britain this year, please bless us with some sun rays I will do my sun dance just to have some rays!
Check out the original track


I miss the 90's

Its true.I cannot get enough of that era for the simple fact that I grew up in it. These days I find myself during my lunch break going through youtube videos,looking at old skool rnb/new jack swing/ hip hop/cheesey pop/dance etc,having flashback moments. Today I got to thinking.. WHAT THE FUDGE HAPPENED TO R&B IN THE LAST DECADE??! I'm not even going to label whatever has been thrown out into the industry in the past 2-3 years as R&B its just something else, not R&B.
** side note; I will talk about some artist who have fallen off in another post**
I stumbled upon AZ YET listening to a song they covered titled "Hard to say I'm sorry". My goodness I forgot how GREAT they were, the harmonies,runs,rifts and sexual dark chocolate singer with the deep voice! I could of screamed at my work desk, absolutely beautiful! compare this to Trey songs for example its all about sex sex sex, wheres the love love love( & vocal range without trying to sound like R.Kelly's little brother)??

I love this video

Listen to the range of vocals!Did you hear that beautifully sung long note at 2:55 -3:07! did you hear the bass in that mans voice?! can I get a witness!!
This group is almost up there with Boyz II Men with their range & harmonies.

Talk about Harmonies,I am a harmony FIEND! There is one particular song that sticks out for me with killer harmony: For Real. a female Au natural group, they did a song titled: You don't know nothin back in 94 I believe, they used their voices as their only instrument and it was DOPE! This group is the little sister to En Vogue!

I also miss videos like this! Can't turn back the hands of time but for a little moment at least I have youtube to take me back to the 90's!

Monday, 12 April 2010

It smells like..Spring!

This past weekend was pretty cool, the sun came out to play and when the sun is out you shed your many layers of winter clothing! it was only 18 c, we haven't seen the sun in a while and people are bound to get a likkle excited.Lets keep it real though, it is not pum pum shorts wearing season yet people! nahh not even my big toes was catching sun rays, the flip flops will come out when the temperature is 21 c and upwards!

Anyways I digress, I had a wonderful day, rolled up my jeans showed a some leg and put on my straw hat felt the cool breeze and enjoyed the atmosphere. I caught up with my cousin at Carnby street where there was performances by talented singers and dancers, hip hop b-girl dancers to be exact from B.Supreme!

I volunteered at B. supreme a few years back and to see these girls all grown up doing their stuff made me so happy and also made me realise how much I miss doing street dance. I'll get back to it eventually, life is too short. My cousin introduced me to her friends and they were the loveliest bunch of people! lively, full of jokes and fun and to top it all off they were all from a creative background! I felt inspired. You meet people for a reason but just hearing about what they do lifted up my spirits and reminded me to get on my grind. I will not live my life working in an office. NO MA'AM!

The day was so fun walking through Soho and convent Garden I had to take a Polaroid snap:

Good times,more to come! enjoy some Biz Markie spring time goodness!


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Something is up

Something is in the air, Something is in the water! I kid you not! Something is going on.I am noticing a lot of assholes walking around like they got two fallopian tubes and a period on the way.
They want to preach to you give advice when they need help themselves, practise what you preach! say what you mean and mean what you say...with action!In my experience rudeness will only take a person so far, keeping it real is all good but manners and respect will take you a long way. Trust me on that one. Something is in air, Something is definitely in the water.

*Rant Over*


Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Peace and Blessings! I've been MIA for a brief period, living life, trying work a few things out. I 've gotta feeling something big is going to happen, I feel it in my bones!

I've got good news finally after months of looking at a blank note pad or word document,it seems that my writers block is making an exit! thus far I have written 1,000 words to be exact in 20 minutes! yes I'm on a roll! also I'm looking forward to my long overdue break! my dearest friend is going to get married and I will be there with my confetti and rice! not only that but myself and my sistren are gonna be doing pit stops at



and NYC! Ohhh yeaaaa!!!

I need to know:
Where to go to eat *vegetarian*
Where to shop
Where to party and mingle!
Good fun things to do and see! If anybody has any suggestions please holla at me, it would be appreciated. I think I might go on a mini man hunt,ya know carry a poison pipe and a bow and arrow and take a man over my shoulder, yup I'm on my cave woman type ish ;) (I'm kidding,really)

As you know I'm a vegetarian, and this month marks my first year in vegetarianism! yay for me! I've been attending alot of healthy eating workshops and was able to go to a vegan cooking workshop and it is wonderful. There is so much things you can do with food!
I would like to share some of the things I have learnt because I think its beneficial for all to know, spread the love!

I learnt that each vegetable and fruit are used for specific organs, our bodies are complex and made up of different colours, the fruit and veg reflect that.
Now if you look at a fruit it should resemble and organ for an example if you look at a cashew nut it looks like a kidney. If you cut a red papper,apple,or tomato it resembles the heart ,cut a carrot or a kiwi fruit and it resembles the eyes. How AMAZING is that! You live and learn something new everyday.

Below is a recipe of a beautiful juice which benefits the whole body and nice perk up to your morning.You will need a good juicer to do this.

Green Juice/Liquid Sunshine

For the green juice aka liquid sunshine, you can basically Juice anything green. You can do variations with spinach, broccoli, parsley etc. as for portions go for what you feel. I dash whatever amounts into the juicer, taste and decide if I want more fruit in the juice. No need to peel the fruit/veg, wash and dash it all in the juicer

For an extra kick you could add a bit of ginger
I chose to use organic and fresh vegetables if possible. It is best to drink this first thing in the morning or you could have some warm water with lemon first to cleanse out your system from toxins and then drink the juice.

Breakfast shake
Blend a handful of cashew nuts
Organic Oat milk (you can use soya milk, quinoa milk, hazelnut milk but not cows milk or any animal milk. we are keeping it Au natural innit!)
Ripe Plantain half or whole or if you like a banana
A dash of oats
A couple of dates (with seeds taken out)
Dash of cinnamon and nutmeg
Vanilla extract (not essence)
The dates and plantain gives the milk shake the sweetness. In this shake is protein and if you are very active you can drink this throughout the day If you want it extra sweet you can use agave syrup.

And there you have it! An all natural raw breakfast.

Bon appetit.