Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Things that make you go hmmmm...

I came across this little contraction from

It is a Babykeeper for Unassisted babies!!

I must say it tickled me when I saw it and it still does! My question is would you put your child

in this?? The description of the product is as follows:

"BabyKeeper allows you to attend to your baby even when you are busy doing your work. It is a pending infant carrier-style seat that suspends from the stall wall in public restrooms and can also be used in numerous fitting rooms. This system keeps 6 to 18 months babies secure in the carrier.While you are busy doing your work your baby can hang in there safely. BabyKeeper is compact,easy to use and clean as it is made of nylon fabric and also very durable and available for just $39.99"

Hey you can get it even cheaper with a bed sheet or african cloth and have your baby on your back or on ya side!..but on a wall though, I am seriously having a laugining fit.

What makes me laugh is the example of where you would place your child!! and so I got to thinking of the practicality of the product. A good 90% of the time, when a mother is out and about their  baby is in a pram/push chair, so if u were to use the bathroom or changing room you just stroll the pram inside with wouldn't take the child out and do all that extra fuss, especially if u really gotta pee!

Would people forget their children in changing rooms and toilet cubicles? if a mother was to tired she could put the child in the contraction put her feet up and watch TV.. could you imagine if that was the new creche LOL Next thing you know parents would be going to parties and putting their babies in a babykeeper ,hanging them up safe in the cloakroom... ahh thats just my imagination free again..I might just buy one of these..who is expecting a bubba anytime soon?!! I got the perfect baby shower gift!! lol

Over and out!