Tuesday, 2 June 2009


This is too funny!!

BWWAHAHAHA!! How do you like those apples aye Eminem!! He betta toss that salad LMAOOOOOOO!!
Hmmmm I wonder if Nick Cannon was behind this..after all Eminem did diss his wife Mariah Carey on his record!

Junior Speshhhh £1.50 Junior speshhhhhh!!

I have heard my friends sing this song to me while outside the famous FCKF on old street and found it hillarious and i had not seen the video untill the other day when my dear friend Inie (Click HERE to read his wonderful blog) sent me a link to a blog dedicated to chicken! I was quite entertained reading the blog click HERE for the chicken blog!

This tune is soo serious!!@ I love it! Makes me wanna go into kfc/morleys/favorites and the rest of ghetto chicken shops and demand a junior spesh knowing I look way over the age of 14

Question! chicken and chips and a can of dr pepper for £1.50 tho...are you sure thats actually chicken???...IM JUST SAYIN......could be placebo meat, hench chickens lookin like they have been pumping iron and ya wonder why these youths are getting big for their age..its the steriod muscle pumped chicken they are eating!! I remember when going to KFC was a TREAT!Not a everyday meal and on the box it stated that what was in the box was Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Im done...im getting hungry i gotta cook...hmmm... Ackee and saltfish with hard food or black beans and rice..hmmmm.....