Friday, 6 March 2009

You know times is hard when.....

Michael Jackson has to go back to work!

Approximately 12 years ago I believe this same man said he will no longer do worldwide tours( please correct me if im wrong), fast forward 12 years later, three kid,s no more netherland ,a few court case , a dose of recession and a bad skin disease thrown in for good measure. Michael returns! In the wise words of Mr Jackson "this is it!"ummhmm sureeeee buddy! James Brown worked on stage till his death! bills gotta be paid!

But im a bit wary about michael jackson returning on stage, its not the same Michael I remember watching on MTV as a child and if his moves are anything like his little performance at the MTV music video Awards in year 2001.....

A refund should be granted! pronto! By the end of that little routine Michael was tired and needed a seat and a drink! ok maybe im being a little harsh , I just need proof that he still got "it" that magic stage presence before I cough up my extra chump change!

Show me this!

All im saying is I hope he is taking is daily intake of cod liver oil to keep those joints supple and he at least performs 3 songs off each album from childhood!

am I asking for too much?