Friday, 7 August 2009

Maxwell in conversation

Blacksummers night is an incredible album, so sensual, its that kind of music I have been missing,it touches your soul and you feel the music!
Now Maxwells second single "Bad Habits" caught me off guard when I first heard it but I was not ready for the video!

My Goodness I wish I was Kerry Washington right about now! this video is so SEXY SENSUAL and DELCIOUS!! Cheating on your partner is so soooo wrong but he makes it look so damn good!
I swear if maxwell were to look me in the eyes sangin those lyrics I would instanly become preganant! So I was having a conversation with my home boi and we was talking about the video,The conversation then lead to only liking Maxwell because of his looks/charm and grace but I stated was in love his mind! especially with all the lyrics he is coughing up! my boi was but you know good and well if like maxwell looked like Dave Chappelle in the face you would not like him! I responded as long as he aint looking like tyronne Biggims, my boi then replied what about if he had Bobby Brown Lip and chris rock CB40 LOOK! LMAO! I was in hysterics the bobby brown lip took the biscuit and for the past 24 hours I cannot stop laughing about it.

It got me thinking about MadTv's spoof of bobby brown and whitney lol


Thursday, 6 August 2009

Prince Charming...

I was strolling through HMV and so happened to see Master Shortie's album on display, looking dapper and stylish as usual showing his pearly whites and since I was defenitly feeling his "dance like a white boy" and "Dead End" track I thought I would purchchase the album for 999.00 pennies.

I have seen him perform at yoyo's and as a supporting act for the Roots last year. He's not a bad performer he is a ball of energy with a rope chain around his neck but I was in shock to see Master Shortie in the crowd watching the Roots perform while sucking his thumb, yes you read it right THUMB! public display of thumb sucking to anybody over the age of 5 in my books is not a good look but im not gonna lie he is cute with it so he can run with it, each to their own, but im here to talk about his album titled A.D.H.D

I have to give the brotha his props where it is due! I am in love with the album I like his flow, his metaphors and his dash of singing(I would love to hear more of him singing) ITS ALRIGHT STILL!! Those beats,guitar riffs and electro buzz! produced by labi thoise beats are a bag full of hotness! seriously I could listen to the beats alone.
In my opinon the album kind of reminds me of Theophilus London's charming mixtape and a dash of kanye heartbreak 808 style but on a uk tip and representing his own personality. I like to decontruct lyrics, read between the lines and all that good stuff. I respect this young man a bit more for stepping out of the box and learning to love his craft being himself (prince charming nothing to be scared of) I see and appreciate the poet in him and the experiences he went thorugh, I see that in his lyrics alone i.e(why interlude,have it your way, right time)As soon as i heard under the moon, it was a wrap! I heard the harmonies, the beat and the lyrics! im a sucker for quriky one liners and comedic lyrics.

Under the Moon
Prince Charming
Dead End
Have it your way
London Town
Right Time
Dance like a white boy

Thats pretty much the whole album!

Go Listen to it people! support a brother!

~L~ x