Saturday, 27 December 2008

I HEART Cali!!

In Early September I took a trip back to my second home!! Californiaaaaa.... San Francisco to be exact!!... spent two weeks out there with the intention of doing absolutely nothing!! you know how good it feels to do nothing when your previous months were spent doing everything,from working to partying to multi-tasking to yadda yadda get the point. I had so much fun, I slept, wondered around the city,Chilled on the beach, Embraced that San Francisco BRISK wind..shopped..shopped and umm shopped, met with some good friends and while i'm at it, shout out to My Meggie Weggie Bunz and Annifer for looking after me! My Jazzy mae!! hooked me up at a reggaeton clubb ummhmm., My lil Prince Javier..never in my life has a young man taught me about MAC products & fragrances like has lol love ya! and JJ for taking me out even though you were driving through the mist and couldn't find a decent restaurant lol 

Now meet my new baby...his name is is a Fish eye camera. I had to buy to replace my lovely digital camera.. *tear*it suddenly broke down while I was strolling through Berkley and started showing pics in purple and fuzzy! 

However my new baby produces beautiful photo's like this....

I'm going to let the pic's talk for themselves check em out....

Exchanged dull grey-ish skies

For bright Skies

Welcomed by a KOSHER Meal!

Chilled at the beach,Played in the sand

These must be the most polite seagulls i have ever seen...they are in a line waiting on the two women to throw away their scraps of food!! Not like the seagulls in Brighton mate!! those seagulls would snatch up your food quick time!

It's true..I really do^^

Had fun in Costcos ..Check out the Ginormous skittles!!..Only in America!!

Drank Jamba Juice

Shopped at 7/11

Traveled on the Muni

Chillin with my homies..Monkey and em

Having fun at the purple

Ate at Asquew in Castro


Bought my First pair of fake grillz!..Just because I could!

Obama Obama Obama Obama!!

I like her style....

Went to the Museum of the African Diaspora

Wish I could of seen this performance..imagine sitting on a bus and watching random Dancers performing for you! LOVES IT!

Embraced the Japanese Tea Garden

CHINA TOWN! seriously the China street we have in London ..yes I said STREET (Totally agreeing with my sis Asia on this one) can't even compete with the China Town in San Francisco 

Went to the fortune cookie factory

Walked around the Mission District

Got excited when I saw this......

Then this..

Equaled to me Cheesin extra hard after a un-nutritious but delicious American meal!

Rocked the K-Kreme hat like a pro!

Tourist pic!!

GO BEARS!...Thats a football team right?

I shall return to Cali in the near future...this time I'm gonna explore LA!! Does anybody know how does the public transport works out there? Last time I was safe in a car..I'm not sure about the taxi's though one time they offered to take my friends to the "Jungle"... That is no tourist if you don't know about it Google it!

Over and Out
~L~ x

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Say what!!

I was on the bus on Oxford street  going towards Tottenham Court Road and had to do a double take Missy Elliott style at what I saw!! 

one word for you ....


say whattt!! yes word to your mother!! CINNABON!!! 

After my excitement I had go and get one of those gems! then  I saw the price..maybe it tasted better when eaten  in California because it was cheaper lol the big Cinnabon was £3.50 My automatic thought was....hmmm... ahem credit crunch! and the mini Cinnabon was going for £2.79 so I opted for that one since I really didnt want a big one plus it was cheaper *grin*. 
I had to have a moment with the mini Cinnabon, bring it home and take my time with it....... 

Check out the side view...
is your mouth watering yet?

It was scrumptious!!

Then it was gone,the moment lasted for about one minute 30 seconds!

It finished before it even began! 

May I also add there is a bearded papa on oxford street! talk about getting obese round ere mate! 

Over and out