Thursday, 31 December 2009

Reflecting on the year gone by....

2009 what a year it has been for me. Over the last 3 years on new years eve I write down what I want to accomplish, well more like I claim it, because it will happen.I then re-read my list to see if what I wanted to accomplish was done and 8 times out of 10 it does! it is a great reflecting moment for me, to see my growth, downfalls and lessons learned. This year has been a little emotional eye opener for me ,I'm still learning me and I understand and see things differently now.

I started the year with wanting better health and spiritual growth.
I began going to yoga classes, reading more books, attending health seminars,and learning more about the occult(astrology,numerology etc).

I decided to stop eating meat and I am now a vegetarian. Began to investigate what was going into my body. Food affects your physical and spiritual vibrations/frequency and I love my greens, trying to let go of that sugar crack! but it will take me a while to reach vegan! hard letting go of the dairy lol

I've loxed my hair. I been wanting to do it for a while now and my family were deterring me from doing because of job opportunities! Quite frankly like india aire stated I am not (just) my hair! It's my life and who don't like it can suck on a nut! I cannot be bothered anymore! BRUSH AND GO IS THE MOTO! Au natural! simple plus when I did have extension people already thought i was loxed up

I met some beautiful wonderful blessed people! I am so happy that they are in my life!

I lost a good friend in the physical,but her energy lives on her spirit is still alive, I still hear her voice her giggles and one liners! oi oi who are yaaa!! dats my girl Taken from this earthly plane as you done your purpose and on to the next life you shall go. R.I.P PRINCESS RISIKAT TANWA BALOGUN 14.02.86 - 12.10.09 The one person who I knew who lived life to the fullest always positive always full of love. Love always Princess, its a pity that little dash between birth and death doesn't show the entirety of a persons life, personally there should be a hologram that shows a whole life story, c'mon now we are entering 2010! We should be driving space cars like the Jetsons by now! Anywho.. I'm side tracking..


This year I think I overloaded on the concerts as well as my CD consumption! I went and saw Maxwell Twice (my Muse/Boo!), Janelle Monae, Daniel Merriweather,Mos Def..ROLL ON THE MUSIC!

Fell in love with analogue cameras again.I heart the lomography store! I would live there if I could!

Attended a script writing class,half drafted two scripts. I am still trying to finish it off and I will.Promise :)

Spent incredible time with my loved ones.

Toned down raving to at least twice a month.. I must be getting old1

talk about old..IM GOING TO BE 25 YEARS YOUNG IN 15 DAYS! THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS! I accept all gifts, I do not discriminate ;-) xxx

Still paying back my overdraft but at least I am employed!

My motto; Everything in this life happens for a reason, Nothing is a coincidence. Follow your instincts(not your ego) it will never mis-direct you.

Here's to a prosperous,fruitful,positive and blessed 2010 beautiful People! I already know its gonna be BIG and a roller coaster of a life experience! Love freely. Be happy.Be you. embrace life and the lessons it throws at you. You will only learn from it and grow.


La'Donna xx

Friday, 11 December 2009

Joke of the Day: Pumps and a Bump!!

So my Homie and I got into a conversation and the topic of Mc Hammer came up.
Now I want you to watch the video below.. How do you go from Hammer time, To legit to quit, Let us pray to this.....

Now my homie was seriously fucked up when he first encountered this video as a child. Poor man is still scarred. He said he was a MC Hammer fan excitedly awaiting the premier of a new Mc Hammer video,expecting the video to be kid Tv friendly, God loving, expecting to see some clean dancing....and he comes out with PUMPS AND A BUMP!

A R E Y O U S E R I O U S? !!

5.Why is he wearing black gloves in the heat?!! you in Cali son!
6. Are you really gonna sit down and play dominoes with your boys and em with a hard on?
7. why is Aaron Hall only singing at the end of the song? and why is he dressed like Afrikaan bambatta/big daddy kane?!
8. Did y'all spot Mc Hammer doing the Shabba Ranks bogal dance in the zebra speedo thongs?! lolllll
9. Hold on a minute why is he rockin timbs??!! in CALI?? looking like the 5th member of jodeci!!
10. Shout out to the girl with the green boxer shorts and baggy jeans hanging at her ankles! GO GIRL!! that is going to be my next signature move!

Mc Hammer pants £23, Mc Hammer toy doll £15, Mc hammer changing his whole image to pumps and a bump!...PRICELESS!!

Bad career move, but this video cracks me up he just had the wrong people around him..the church community disowned him,the kids, they must of thought he lost his mind!

On a personal note if I get married or if my home boy gets married , or if there is a christening celebration or funeral the DJ better play PUMPS AND A BUMP and y'all have to get down just like Mc Hammer did!!

Work those zebra thongs!

This is by far a CLASSIC video for the simple fact the video and song is bananas and Mc Hammer is a greased up gangsta parading around a hard on in zebra speedos!!




Monday, 9 November 2009


well not exactly but youtube is the new TV lol

Venom & Damage..OMG Video

I have cringe moments when looking at my facial expressions! why does my bottom lip drop like that LOL!
Anywho I wanna give a BIG shout out to Daniel(Venom aka video genius) and my dearest Ibrahim (the sexy delicious man dancing with the fly hat looking like a dream in the video *GETTT ITTT!*) for getting me involved in this creative,nutritious, home made lo fi music video O.M.G. It was fun and I even got to chill out wid the cookie monster till he started to raid my bag for low fat cookies (please see below)

On that note hope you enjoyed the video as much as I enjoyed sweating and dancing in the video!

Love ,peace and O.M.G-ness


Thursday, 5 November 2009

Hmm..Space Fruit or Many Moons?

Many Moons...

Last night I was having a dilemma on where to go. You see I was super hyped when word got around that SA-RA would be performing @ Deviation and I was ready to go and have a Taz Arnold space fruit moment but then news got around that Janelle Monae was going to be performing at Cargo on the same nite! EEK!! I have been waiting and wanting this woman to come and perform over here for two years!I remember Janelle Monae looking like a cute lil doll in her cute afro minus a metropolis/cyborg uniform when I first heard her song "letting go" I was an instant fan.

For the whole day I was having a debate between me myself and I. As I made my way to go and see SA-RA I decided to take a little de-tour and walk past Cargo to see whats up and see if a sistah could sneak in for free(gotta try a ting sometimes!) as soon as my foot hit Cargo who do I see coming out of a taxi... a beautiful petite woman with a exquisite uniform and a major quiff hair style...It was Janelle Monae rolling with her crew(I'm thinking she was with deep cotton or of the two). YEA I WAS PRETTY MUCH STAR STRUCK. I have a problem with talking to artist or famous people, I just choke up but can easily talk to offenders and the general public! BLAH!

Anywho after walking past and actually seeing Janelle Monae I knew I had to go in and see her perform! I'm sure I'll get to see SA-RA once hit Cali or some place else.

She was amazing this chica is extra crazy,free spitited, animated o0o0 and so unique. She has the most off the wall but cute unique dance I ever seen! It was like watching a cute bunny rabbit bounce around really hard catching the holy spirit with a dash of moonwalking and James Browns foot work! freakin loved it! Loved her possessed wild energy plus her drummer was HELLA SEXY! oh and her guitarist was doing the bidnezz with the killa hair to match.

My girl has vocalz and can belt out some tunes,she sang songs from her Metropolis Suite I of IV: The Chase album and her new song "Come Alive" from her new album coming out in 2010 titled Metropolis Suites II & III .

Miss Monae she was singing and painting on stage, dancing so hard that her quiff was set free! dancing on the floor with baby powder, jumping into the crowd and throwing her painting to the crowd. Just out of this world! So animated! Check out the pics!
Oh yes can we get a James Brown cape moment please!Ain't nothing like being in the spirit of music while rolling on a baby powered floor! CHURCH!
~L~ xx

Monday, 2 November 2009

My Luxury Cococure...

So I went to see Maxwell at the Hammersmith Apollo on Saturday night. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! my goodness the man even sweats sexy! yes i am in love the man,he gave me eargasims!


The physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of rhythmatic excitation, usually resulting from stimulation MUSIC and usually accompanied in the male or female artist/instrument

Eargasm to feel and hear music which makes you
A) make the ugly face
B) makes you wanna sing and scream
C) Let the music take over your body making you move your body like you have done before

oh yes I beleive I left the concert pregnant! Thats right instant pregnancy through songs! LMAO! I kid..

Maxwell was in his stride getting sensual and sexual doing the James Brown split back up , moving and grooving! The band was delicious I love me some horns and those musicsians can blow! The drums, the guitar and it was beautiful to see Maxwell overwhlemed by the instruments in his element!

It was a beautiful experience only thing that pissed me of was the middle aged women behind me chattin so loud that I couldn't even hear maxwell talk and short woman with her blonde weave standing evey minute blocking my view!

Anywho i wasn't content with that experience alone, I think im crazy but im buying me another ticket to see maxwell again! yes best beleive imma be up at the front having eargasmic moments!

oh yes!


Friday, 30 October 2009


Just received this youtube link.

"Sir black people have an unfair advantage"
"Their dicks have nothing to do with the way they fucking run!" __________________FLATLINED!



Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Was about to check my mail when I saw this

The caption reads as follows:

"Pop icon Lady GaGa is to give away a unique part of her body with the deluxe edition of her new album"

I dunno man,firstly what body part she finnah give away with her deluxe album? and secondly who the hell wants a body part with an album?!

*insert blank stare/raised eyebrow here*

chica is on some other level! lol


Love Thy Self

Last nite I was watching two documentries about ethnic minorites having the desire to be white/westernised(via bleching creams nip & tucking body parts) to be accepted within society and it got me thinking. People we need to LOVE ourselves and learn to ACCEPT who we are, appreciate it, love it and embrace your knowledge of self because it is what makes you..YOU. We are all beautiful with all of our flaws.
It breaks my heart to watch documentries like this where people stil have this imperial/colonised ideology that being white or fairer is better or would improve your life and be accepted within this community called globalisation.

Spread the love, give a hug


~La'Donna~ xx

Is it just me or...

Am I the only one who is a little freaked out by these walking lips in the xbox lips commerical?

It just looks soo bizzare to me, if one of those lips jumped on my shoulder im punching it in the teeth!


Monday, 12 October 2009

Meet My Baby No: 2

It is a Diana flash camera he goes by the name Mr Pink, and he is SEXXCEEE! lol He is my second purchase from the Lomography Store and I simply cannot get enough of the products from this store reppin hard for all the analogue lovers! I must say it is expensive to process some of the film but it is worth every penny for the shots that come out.

I will post a few pics up soon!

~L~ xx

Friday, 9 October 2009

Life is better, now that I found you....

Ahh yess, this song bumps hard and the creativity of the video bumps even harder!!
Q-tip paying homage to Hip-Hop with Norah Jones soothing vocals = bliss.

I heart me some Q-tip

~L~ x

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Guess what?!


Just thought I would gloat for a minute.

~L~ x

Monday, 14 September 2009

Remember when....

Black Eye Peas music felt authentic ....

Pre-Fergie,More Hip Hop, less Pop..

Just a thought.


If only we had more conversations like these..

I forgot how GREAT this video is. Cee-Lo is a lyrical genius, I love how they are discussing the whole broken heart issue. Only Gnarls Barkley would have a bleeding walking heart with Cee-Lo's lips singing to a broccoli while walking over some mash and peas.


Thursday, 10 September 2009

"Kate Moss has lost her lipstick man! Its a fuckin disaster!"


Bwahahaha!!Ahh DIZZEE SMACKED IT! But really though doesn't Kate Moss receive free lipstick anyway??!!


Wednesday, 9 September 2009

.:News flash:.

This morning while I was getting ready for work I was listening to Trevor Nelsons breakfast show on BBC 1XTRA and heard this boomtastic tune!! This artist goes by the name of Speech Debelle and I am feeling her vibe, not no normal MC she sounds like a old skool funky phresh type of spoken word andd she won a Mercury award!

I look forward to hearing more from this sistren!

Have a listen on her myspace and site

Monday, 7 September 2009

A thing for me...

I have heard this song by Metronomy for the past year and heard many remixes of it and it wasn't untill recently that I heard this mix thanks to my darling friend Inie at his house party (whoop whoop!)

Not only did I fall in love with this mix but I had not seen the the orginal video *gasp.. shock shock horror horror* yea I know im a tad bit slow but that video is genius! The fact that they are running away from the kareoke ball pretty much amuses me.

Enjoy the creativity!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Laughter of The Day!

Last night I was flicking through the tv channels and stumbled across Big Brother. I don't usually watch this show but what I saw had me in HYSTERICS! I mean extreme belly laughter! I have never seen a Beyonce routine like this... EVER!

Unfortunately I can't put it up on this blog but you can CLICK HERE and watch it. I promise you you will not be disappointed!

Enjoy ;-)

~L~ x

Friday, 7 August 2009

Maxwell in conversation

Blacksummers night is an incredible album, so sensual, its that kind of music I have been missing,it touches your soul and you feel the music!
Now Maxwells second single "Bad Habits" caught me off guard when I first heard it but I was not ready for the video!

My Goodness I wish I was Kerry Washington right about now! this video is so SEXY SENSUAL and DELCIOUS!! Cheating on your partner is so soooo wrong but he makes it look so damn good!
I swear if maxwell were to look me in the eyes sangin those lyrics I would instanly become preganant! So I was having a conversation with my home boi and we was talking about the video,The conversation then lead to only liking Maxwell because of his looks/charm and grace but I stated was in love his mind! especially with all the lyrics he is coughing up! my boi was but you know good and well if like maxwell looked like Dave Chappelle in the face you would not like him! I responded as long as he aint looking like tyronne Biggims, my boi then replied what about if he had Bobby Brown Lip and chris rock CB40 LOOK! LMAO! I was in hysterics the bobby brown lip took the biscuit and for the past 24 hours I cannot stop laughing about it.

It got me thinking about MadTv's spoof of bobby brown and whitney lol


Thursday, 6 August 2009

Prince Charming...

I was strolling through HMV and so happened to see Master Shortie's album on display, looking dapper and stylish as usual showing his pearly whites and since I was defenitly feeling his "dance like a white boy" and "Dead End" track I thought I would purchchase the album for 999.00 pennies.

I have seen him perform at yoyo's and as a supporting act for the Roots last year. He's not a bad performer he is a ball of energy with a rope chain around his neck but I was in shock to see Master Shortie in the crowd watching the Roots perform while sucking his thumb, yes you read it right THUMB! public display of thumb sucking to anybody over the age of 5 in my books is not a good look but im not gonna lie he is cute with it so he can run with it, each to their own, but im here to talk about his album titled A.D.H.D

I have to give the brotha his props where it is due! I am in love with the album I like his flow, his metaphors and his dash of singing(I would love to hear more of him singing) ITS ALRIGHT STILL!! Those beats,guitar riffs and electro buzz! produced by labi thoise beats are a bag full of hotness! seriously I could listen to the beats alone.
In my opinon the album kind of reminds me of Theophilus London's charming mixtape and a dash of kanye heartbreak 808 style but on a uk tip and representing his own personality. I like to decontruct lyrics, read between the lines and all that good stuff. I respect this young man a bit more for stepping out of the box and learning to love his craft being himself (prince charming nothing to be scared of) I see and appreciate the poet in him and the experiences he went thorugh, I see that in his lyrics alone i.e(why interlude,have it your way, right time)As soon as i heard under the moon, it was a wrap! I heard the harmonies, the beat and the lyrics! im a sucker for quriky one liners and comedic lyrics.

Under the Moon
Prince Charming
Dead End
Have it your way
London Town
Right Time
Dance like a white boy

Thats pretty much the whole album!

Go Listen to it people! support a brother!

~L~ x

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


This is too funny!!

BWWAHAHAHA!! How do you like those apples aye Eminem!! He betta toss that salad LMAOOOOOOO!!
Hmmmm I wonder if Nick Cannon was behind this..after all Eminem did diss his wife Mariah Carey on his record!

Junior Speshhhh £1.50 Junior speshhhhhh!!

I have heard my friends sing this song to me while outside the famous FCKF on old street and found it hillarious and i had not seen the video untill the other day when my dear friend Inie (Click HERE to read his wonderful blog) sent me a link to a blog dedicated to chicken! I was quite entertained reading the blog click HERE for the chicken blog!

This tune is soo serious!!@ I love it! Makes me wanna go into kfc/morleys/favorites and the rest of ghetto chicken shops and demand a junior spesh knowing I look way over the age of 14

Question! chicken and chips and a can of dr pepper for £1.50 tho...are you sure thats actually chicken???...IM JUST SAYIN......could be placebo meat, hench chickens lookin like they have been pumping iron and ya wonder why these youths are getting big for their age..its the steriod muscle pumped chicken they are eating!! I remember when going to KFC was a TREAT!Not a everyday meal and on the box it stated that what was in the box was Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Im getting hungry i gotta cook...hmmm... Ackee and saltfish with hard food or black beans and rice..hmmmm.....


Friday, 29 May 2009

My Super Sweet 25th???

Since my unemployment I have been watching some tv (which I hardly do) and one show in particular(although there are more) really gets on my left tit ,right nipple! MY SUPER SWEET 16 on MTV!! all these spoiled brats havin a big ass party, gotta have diamonds, gotta have a car, 6 strong buff men carrying them on to a stage and blah blah blah!! YES I AM HATING..I'LL STEP ON YOUR COUCH RICK JAMES STYLE! I never had a sweet 16 b-day party or a rich Daddy to pay for it all! plus they are only bloody 16 what the hell are they gonna do for their 18th or 21st???!
So it got me 24 years young and my 25th birthday is in about 8 months time. I've never had a big birthday party and I should be planning my big 25th!! but I want MTV to come up with a "My Sweet 25th" or "My sweet quarter of a century" something along those lines and pay for party or at least go halves ...I mean I wont ask for much!

Theme:im going to go with old skool, it is a bit played out but yo those were the best times of my life!! bring on the fubu, Karl Kani, michigan t-shirt ,mickey and minnie mouse on stone washed jeans fanny packs, pogs, shoe express shoes a-line skirts!! shout out to all my strugglers rock your knock off trainers and garms!! LOL rock the backward nike tick with the slogon "just did it" shout out to the market crew shoppers: dalston, petty coat lane, nine elms, east street and wimbeldon!! zup zup!.. people are talkin bout recession now! mate I was born in a recession and have been living in a recession /credit crunch world from DAY DOT! what do you know about sewing on labels!! LMAO! come as u like as long as your clean

Hmmmmm who do I want to perform??? awwww shucks ...ahem ....
Basically fly over every damn great r&b and rap artist between the years of 1987- 1996! yea gimmie some damage, black street,arrested development ultimate kaos MN8! Dru Hill,SWV, Guy, Boyz ii Men ,Intro , queen pen, yo yo queen latifah, Patra,Monnie love ,Rob base ,Black sheep, De la soul,Zhane etc etc! dammit i want old dirty bastard to be there in spirt oh and biggie and tupac for good measure and Jill scott or Maxwell to sing happy birthday to me *blush face*,the whole of MC hammers circus yeah, coz they are too legit to quit!
old skool beenie man , spragga benz, yellow man all the ragga muffin crew! pure bashment!

I want a tag wall and polaroid pics taken of the nite.. nahh better yet I want an old skool black and white photo booth! yea get the crazy pics coming! can's of we can laugh and bubble for no damn reason, high off helium!( but not too much...y'all get one balloon each ...sip sip give LOL)
As for drinks i want king size ribenas accompanied with a packet of golden wonder cheese and onion crisp and a packet of tic tacs!! fruit punch I don't drink but i want wray and nephew rum to sponsor me! why? because im from Jamaican heritage and it is a must! a penny sweet corner....cola bottle,bon bons sherbets ,vise versa (who remembers those!), jelly and ice cream den a selection of that grown up drank(alcohol) hula hoop competition grown folks musical chairs!
CAKE! i want a delicous costco cake or red velevet ,something tasty! with fruit on it with my face on eveyone can have a slice of me..aww so cute!
I want proper dj's!! one that can scratch mix and blend well! i want a sound system with that heavy bass it wud mash up your windows even if it is double glazed!!
music ranging from funk, jungle, hip hop, trip hop,tribal, funky house ,miami bass ,b-more, krunk ,hyphy, go go yea all that feel good kinda music! ahh peace ,love sweat and old skool dance moves and battles! o0o0o bring on all my Divas all my voguers we can vogue the nite away, if willi ninja and pepper labaja was still alive i would want them there too i'll be giving face,working up some arm control and attempting to duck walk and do an alloura or leyomi drop!( my peoples know what im talkin bout!!!)
Oh and you know for the birthday gift..I just want money so i can put in my savings account/pay off student loan/overdraft either that or a house with mortgage paid for *Big Smile*

Ahhhh that would be a dope party don't you think?!...I better start writing to MTV from now..get this party on the GO!

~L~ xx

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Butt Naked Wednesdays!

BWWHAHAHAHAA!! I love this woman and her sarcastic humour!

"create your own publicity do some ho shit!"-Erykah Badu


~L~ x

Monday, 25 May 2009

This pretty much melts my heart...

I am excited to hear Maxwell's album Black Summers night! I have been playing and watching Maxwells video Pretty wings on constant repeat, and cannot get enough! Pure quality! the vibe ! the horns, bells xylophone ..just feels so live, the album is supposed to be out in July. I hope and pray it actually does,I got a feeling this album will knock me off my feet!
I must say ,Maxwell looks so deliciously sexy getting his grown man sophistication on! More Power to you my Brother!;-)

~L~ xx

six steps and three hours later.......

So have been slacking, I apologise but last nite pissed me off to the nth degree that I had to write about it. So I went over to Cargo to go to to Work it VS Living proof event. I have been to quite a few Living proof events at market place and overall they smashed it every time good vibes what have you Work it is aiight more of a hype thing but they played some good throw backs although i have only been to one of their events. So i expecting this nite to be a BLASTTTT! if only myself and my crew got in!
Heres the Story!

Event stated on Facebook starts at 9pm, I get there are 9:15 and there is a chokka bloc queue, so im meet my homie IB and he is near the front and the queuing process we moved about 6 steps forward within three hours. let me repeat that last part THREE HOURS! people are pushing into the line, some were even starting a line across the road and we were like wtf?? what is going on why is this taking so long?? the security were like oh its packed!..Excuse me? PACKED? how is it packed if it is suppose to start at 9pm, then they said, we had to be in line in order for us to get in then they some incident happened inside and now the event was closed! CLOSED! I was pissed i needed a revolution and a riot! a special shout out to the guys who had gorilla tacticks climbing over that high wall like professionals to get in..kudos to you my brothas!!

my feet were hurting not from dancing hard but from standing waiting to get in and quite frankly im not doing that ever again ..3hours you may say is alot, i guess I was holding on to hope of getting in an getting my dance on but in the words of my dearest friend Ibrahim:" im getting too old for this shit!! Cargo/livinproof/work it/management didn't handle this nite professionally at all! you will find me skanking at Ain't it Black, Yo mama and my living room with a bottle of ribena!!

However the night was not totally spoilt while we were figuring where else to go for free we followed music coming from around the corner got our lil skank on, chilled and made the best of the nite!

much love to my peoples! mwuahh xx

Friday, 6 March 2009

You know times is hard when.....

Michael Jackson has to go back to work!

Approximately 12 years ago I believe this same man said he will no longer do worldwide tours( please correct me if im wrong), fast forward 12 years later, three kid,s no more netherland ,a few court case , a dose of recession and a bad skin disease thrown in for good measure. Michael returns! In the wise words of Mr Jackson "this is it!"ummhmm sureeeee buddy! James Brown worked on stage till his death! bills gotta be paid!

But im a bit wary about michael jackson returning on stage, its not the same Michael I remember watching on MTV as a child and if his moves are anything like his little performance at the MTV music video Awards in year 2001.....

A refund should be granted! pronto! By the end of that little routine Michael was tired and needed a seat and a drink! ok maybe im being a little harsh , I just need proof that he still got "it" that magic stage presence before I cough up my extra chump change!

Show me this!

All im saying is I hope he is taking is daily intake of cod liver oil to keep those joints supple and he at least performs 3 songs off each album from childhood!

am I asking for too much?

Sunday, 22 February 2009

OI OI Mate!

I have been playing this song for the whole weekend! It is addictive! I love the song and Video. Kudo's to Mr Rope chain himself Master Shortie! I say DJ's need to play this song so we can all get our white boy dance on... Liam Gallagher style!!

What do ya think?

Saturday, 14 February 2009


In regards to my previous blog entry, at present there are three albums I have had on constant repeat for the last 5 months... good music still lives on,  keep your ears open and dig for that treasured gem!

Numero uno

Foreign Exchange- Leave it all Behind

This album makes my heart smile, it is on another level! its orginality,musicality! Listen to those instruments, the harmony, the smoothness from one track to the next!I want to be caught up in the moments of love described in all of the songs and I love Phonte from Little brother, his whole delivery and the man can hit some soul notes!! he better sing it!

Numero Dos!

Q-tip.....words cannot describe...just make sure you have the album!..NUFF SAID! you want Q-tip you get Q-TIP!!

I can't give specific favories on this album because i can play the album straight through! no skipping involved!

Numero Tres!

88Keys - The Death of Adam

This album seriously had me cracking up it is hilarious! The whole build up of the story(a man named Adam after the kitty kat and the many scenarios he lands himself in to get it!) and subject matter delivered on point! The female narrator Kills me she is too funny!! I want her to make an album full of skits! the album has killa tracks but the ones that had me going are:

Friends Zone Feat Shitake monkey-I know some of us can relate to  friend zone *rolls eyes*

Dirty Peaches feat J* Davey -I heart her!

Stay up Feat Kanye west peep the  opening lyrics.... 
"What she has is so Niagara/makes nigga straight need viagra"WOWERZ! gotta love it

Purchase all of this albums you will not be disappointed!

Over & Out!


Me x

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Music is my Boyfriend....

DISCLAIMER: This blog may trigger you to dig out your old cd's/cassette tapes and roam through youtube and stroll down memory lane. 

Valentines day aka Self Appreciation Day (one must love themselves first before loving others!) is approaching and all this lovey dovey shit is happening, roses chocolates hugs kisses and facebook pushing single dating Ad’s in my face!

Personally I believe everyday should be v-day, it is a wonderful feeling to know/appreciate/feel/shown/told that you are loved in more ways than one!

On that note to all those who I hold dear to my heart ,if you haven’t heard it in the last 24hours week, month or year(well you should of I spread love like free coupons) you are LOVED and I love YOU! Yes from myb heart to yours 1.4.3! If your not near me I’ll fed-Ex you a hug or send you a kiss via e-mail!

This v-day looks like its going to be a dry season, which is nothing new really, so my self and my "boyfriend", the beat to my heart are going to relight our fire and party hard! His name is MUSIC.

In the movie Brown Suga home girl asks when did you fall in love with hip-hop? Pshhhhh I fell in love with music before my birth, for my mother’s heart had a beat and I was in tune with it! To answer the question I fell in love with MUSIC from day dot!!

I appreciate and embrace his many styles and fusions, but to date, my boyfriend has been going a little wayward with his “urban style” im pointing the finger at R&B and and to a certain extent Hip Hop. R&B in 2009 is nothing compared to R&B from 1990-1996! And even before the 90’s there was more quality! half of us was being made to that kind of music! But R&B has not been hitting that spot!

You know "That spot", as soon as you hear that song, you make up your best ugly face, throw your hands in the air, feet making foot work you never though you could do,possess your whole body makes you wanna scream and your heart flutter at the same time!


So I end up going back to a time where I was a young love,crushing hard on music and nearly every song he belted out made my heart leap with joy! Yes I was digging through old cassette tapes, CD’s and my old tape recordings of music video’s in the 90’s!!Todays tunes are not cutting it! Or maybe im not digging hard enough?

I miss Songs/videos like these:

RIP Kenny Greene! Man was GENIUS with those lyrics!!

BAD TUNE!! are you listening to these lyrics?!! we met at the MONKEY BARS!! SERIOUSSS TINGS AH GWANN!!! 

Secretly I wished was Iesha way back when *sigh*

TELL ME YOU DON'T WANT TO GET UP AND JAM TO THESE TUNES! The lyrics, the harmonies,the creativity, the keys!! 

This is what my childhood was made of me + music =PURE HAPPINESS!

I got carried away with the videos and cud go on all day,but time is of the essence.

So i shall finish off this blog simply because my heart can't take it anymore with these bad ass tunes!!


I'll leave you with this last montage video! Peace! x

Monday, 9 February 2009

Silent Disco Baby!!

so on 6th of Feb i ventured out to Liverpool Street Station for the silent disco ting! (Silent disco-people meeting at one place,listening/dancing to their music on their phones/ipod/cd players)

Now for those of you who do not know..Hi my Name is La'Donna and I am a DANCEAHOLIC! I HAVE NO SHAME! I love every aspect of dance,the freedom of expression through your body and so when I saw this event on Facebook I was excited and down for the cause!!

I reached the station a good hour before the disco so I had time to roam! The experience was amazing! ever since the T-mobile commercial I wanted to try haven't seen it? please see below....

Tell me that is just not the best commerical out there right now!! I've always wanted to burst out into song and dance in public spaces..well there has been a few ocassions while at a bus stop a song is too good to keep to myself I have sing quite low and bust out a two foot shuffle combo, but on Feb 6th at Liverpool Street Station this was my chance to do just that but with 13000 random strangers,listening to their own random music, rocking headphones and dancing in a public space!! Shout out to my buddies Sade Nick and Inie! we danced our little hearts out! had me changing 4 cd's in my cd player!
I have no eveidence of me documenting this moment, I had quite a few techincal difficulties
1. My camera offically died on me RIP BABY! 2005-2009 :(
2.My Fish eye Camera ran out of film( dammit I hate when that happens)
3. My Ipod is ofiically dead, oh and if you so happen to work for Apple or know somebody who would like to give me a discount just because they are loving giving people.. holla at ya GIRL! Credit crucnh!!
4.My CD player broke down 15 imutes before the dance off! I eneded up buying a new one for £24! Not kosher!

Anywho here are some video's I borrowed from Youtube

object width="425" height="344">

Yes we locked down the station and commiserations for all those who had a train to catch at 7 pm and didn't get on it till after 8! But this was for a good cause! The cause of FUN :D

Apparently the UK is getting obese so why not shed some pounds with a 15 minute work out with 13000 random people for free!Get that heart pumping ,aye and even become famous like the guy who got naked.. im sure he got arrested for that offence LOL

Silent Discos/Raves rocks my socks! We should do this more often!!


Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Things that make you go hmmmm...

I came across this little contraction from

It is a Babykeeper for Unassisted babies!!

I must say it tickled me when I saw it and it still does! My question is would you put your child

in this?? The description of the product is as follows:

"BabyKeeper allows you to attend to your baby even when you are busy doing your work. It is a pending infant carrier-style seat that suspends from the stall wall in public restrooms and can also be used in numerous fitting rooms. This system keeps 6 to 18 months babies secure in the carrier.While you are busy doing your work your baby can hang in there safely. BabyKeeper is compact,easy to use and clean as it is made of nylon fabric and also very durable and available for just $39.99"

Hey you can get it even cheaper with a bed sheet or african cloth and have your baby on your back or on ya side!..but on a wall though, I am seriously having a laugining fit.

What makes me laugh is the example of where you would place your child!! and so I got to thinking of the practicality of the product. A good 90% of the time, when a mother is out and about their  baby is in a pram/push chair, so if u were to use the bathroom or changing room you just stroll the pram inside with wouldn't take the child out and do all that extra fuss, especially if u really gotta pee!

Would people forget their children in changing rooms and toilet cubicles? if a mother was to tired she could put the child in the contraction put her feet up and watch TV.. could you imagine if that was the new creche LOL Next thing you know parents would be going to parties and putting their babies in a babykeeper ,hanging them up safe in the cloakroom... ahh thats just my imagination free again..I might just buy one of these..who is expecting a bubba anytime soon?!! I got the perfect baby shower gift!! lol

Over and out!