Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Another Day

I don't want to go to work today
I'd rather stay home and play video games
I'd rather chill for real
I don't know how you feel
But sometimes I feel like
I'm Workin' for nuthin' tryin' to get sumthin'
Every where I turn there's a bill standing out
Swim the river climb the hill
Complacency you ain't gone get me

Cause I gotta get up...

I'd rather be in my space
I'd rather chill in my place
So I can go out and play all day I
I'd rather chill at home
I'd rather lay aloneTrue,
but I got to work
I don't wanna go
I wanna play today
But what can I say
Bills to pay
I just can't get comfortable doing nuthin'

-Jill Scott &4hero

Well at least tomorrow is my DAY OFF! Praises to the most high!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


When did Diggy Simmons grow up!! it seems like the other day I watching him on runs house, having hygene issues with sharing soap and having arguments with his lil brother Russey aka my son. I knew he was doing rap thizzle from the show but this is niceeee!

One word. Smoothhhhhhhhhhh!! Gwann Diggy!! Talented and blessed! Big things are going to happen for this young man! TRUE STORIES!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Onra- Long Distance

This year has been blowing my mind with FEEL GOOD MUSIC! now this album right here.....mannn I cant even put it into words, it just puts me in a good mood! I love this dude and his production, oui oui! I looked high and low in the urban section at HMV for this CD , found it all the way in world music section under chinese music *blank stare* I guess they didnt know where to pigeon hole a parisan chinese producer *kanye shrug*

Anywho I am currently in Love with this track High Hopes ft Reggie B

"Looking like a beautiful black queen,I was over there doing my thing, got distacted by the beauty you bring...../I Got high hopes to get this woman of my dreams/I hope we stay together" ohhweee..yea I'll pretty much marry Reggie B with those lyrics and soultry voice check out his myspace here

Another album I have on constant rotation is Big Boi! The beats, the lyrics knocks so hard! I can play the album the whole way through bobbin my head and making my signature screwed up-this -is-the-SHIT type face. What I enjoy the most out of outkast/big boi/Andre 3000's is the skits they produce! Cracks me up every TIME! (Btw we need more skits in albums!) super Hiliarous, the David Blaine skit got me ,I laughed so hard,although the situation is so wrong, get the album and listen to it.
All we need now is a Andre 3000's album or another outkast album and my life will be complete! Only heard two tracks from Andre in the last couple of years and those little doses he has been spittin is SUPA NOVA!

I'm excited to get my hands on Bilal's new album, Jay Electronica and Foreign Exchange

2010 is the YEAR of great music!


Analogue 360 panoramic vision.

Monday, 9 August 2010


I'm having a little struggle, with ending my relationship with sugar and dairy.We grew up and held so many fond memories together. But it's now or never,its make or break time. I have given up milk and now substitute that with,hazelnut milk,oat milk,organic soya milk, rarely does cheese or ice cream come into my food intake, but the one thing I'm struggling with is sugar.
Let me tell you something, sugar is one molecule away from crack! It is addictive! not mention its nearly in every snack known to man! I gotta nip it in the bud because these days manufactures put all sorts of junk in those sugary delicious snacks .. ahem"corn syrup" and I personally want to know what is in my food for I am what I eat!
I was on a hunt for vegan recipes, food I can make and eat in moderation and came across this blog the gluttonous vegan, this woman has the most delicious (but not healthiest) recipes but hey I had to give this a shot and decided to make this on my lazy Sunday afternoon..

POWWW!! Looks delicious doesn't it *smug face* that's because it is!

It was so good I had to read a book with it lol

I also made these cookies earlier in the week..also scrumptious

Roll on the vegan recipe's!!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Signs of a great night!

"You know you had a good night when you sweated out every ounce of energy on the dance floor & even when you thought you could not move anymore,you still danced to your favorite tunes! Voice is gone,body battered, witnessed two fights at two different buss stops. Bought a Mango rubicon and danced with the shop owner, hustled and bustled through Brixton Mc Donalds just for a pancake,it's now day light, birds are chirping. Hello bed I am so happy to see you!


Last night I partied at The Bang Bang Ladies night ball from 11pm to 5am, talk about being a soldier, cameras were flashing, I might of looked possessed and mash up! Tunes was hitting my musical spot, wild out a few times, My friends were DJing and had incredible sets! I was so happy, but to tell you the truth, I can't keep up like I use to, getting out of breath after doing the running man one time and voguing! lol I'm getting old mate, sure can feel it in mi bones.

Best snap shot of the night myself and my new friend Pedro, dancing in his shop(in Dalston) 5:30 in the morning...

*Photo by my dearest friend Inie aka ldnnez*