Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Talking Buses!

Recently I have been hopping on the buses and noticing that they inform you of each and every stop... now I understand that it is great for tourist and those who are visually impaired but! It doesn't help me! Have u ever tried having a conversation on a buss like that?! shit is annoying especially on the 159
Typical scenario is when you are suppose to meet some one and you tell a little teeny weeny white lie , the bus acts as your conscious and tries to EXPOSE YOU! lets give you an example, so your on the bus phone rings and here's how the conversation goes

Friend:Where are you?

Me: uhh I'm just going over Chelsea bridge i shouldn't be long

(at this point the bus act as your conscious)

Bus: Bus stopping at Clapham Common

Friend: what did the bus just say? where are you?

Me:oh nothing just said I'm going over Chelsea Bridge

Friend: Liar!


so you catch my drift......It just spoils it for me..I know I should always tell the truth..but this definitely bites my ass!

Over and out till next time!


Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Pet Peeve...

Tut Tut, and here is the close up.....

OK seriously... what is the purpose of a belt? to hold your trousers up right? well I dunno ,but I was on the bus the other day and this boy was wearing a pair of jeans and not to say the pants were on his waist! NO!just bellow his butt cheeks! come on now! I know u want to go for the baggy look. then buy a pair of baggy jeans! ya know one that fits at the waist and looks good! .... what is up with people buying tight jeans trying to make them look baggy creating the same mistake this boy did on the buss exposing boxers and trying to cover it with a long t-shirt or something! WE MUST COME TOGETHER AS ONE AND FIGHT AGAINST THIS FASHION DISEASE! IMAGINE IF HE HAD TO RUN FOR SAFETY! HE COULD OF TRIPPED UP ON HIS OWN PAIR JEANS! THE SHAMEEEEEEE!! at least he had a belt but to those who rock this same look minus the belt..I'm going to start walking around with some rope as a beltt just for them! pick up your jeans! you are not in jail foolio! Primark have cheap belts! do sumthin!! .....

aiight I'm done with my random rant of the day!


ok let me wrap up the month of march real quick

OK so a bunch of things happened in to the month of March and I have pics to prove it...but the adding pic process on dis ting ere is hella slow! so I'm going to attempt to give short descriptions of the few events in march

hmmm now lets see.......

Living proof...Biggie tribute

Was an alright nite, one of the DJ's effed me up a few times like mixing biggie gimme the loot and then switching to Donell Jones " you know whats up" .... not Kosher.... lil mini arguments with a guy rockin a silver back pack tryna start a beef casserole with my boi Mani..... not kosher... I wondered if there was anything inside it ..Drunk Girl spilling drinks on my blasted white coat aka duvet...I really didn't appreciate it.... I say..everybody drink agua mineral( water) or juice or some kinda soft drink and get high off the music! that's all you need! Hold tight the photographer who were tryna blind me with their flashing lights....I challenged them with my own little flash and Lady Glock took out her big gun and flashed em back with the power flashes! chea!
yea ignore my face in this pic but by Nicole's' face... you know the track had to be serious!

Hold tight the dude looking like 50 cent aka 25 p and shorty blizz for banging on the furnace.. best quote of the night by Miss lady Glock...."This is the west end that vent is not made for banging".... quotation of BRILLIANCE!

This is what happens when the DJ messes up & ppl start taking out their phones and start checking e-mail!...fine example below

oh and i started taking pics because of boredom ..but had fun taking them

Next event

Miss Choco bear's I slaved over mixer and oven for 3 days trying get this chocolate cake on point! serious tings! tried my hardest and this is how it came out

Not bad huh..except the cake was a lil tough, and I was told milk was needed with it to wash it down !LMAO.. Shout out to Ishola for that one, and the rest of peeps who continued to eat the cake despite having the possibility of the cake shifting ppl molars!..I'm just saying!
But Birthday girl enjoyed her self and shacked out in a dress!! gwann my gyal!

o0o and my boi Mr Ishola made these wicked likkle tings outta an envelope... we was bitch slappin like a mutha fukka! LOL

Ahhh Myself demonstrating the bitch slap and Ishola taking one for the team! lol j/p


Mr tall glass of chocolate milk! was@ YoYo's performing his new album..he is a good lil mover too oh and he has soft hands gave me hug and said i have a nice name *blush face* but I was waiting to hear 'Love Hate Sensation' ! hold tight my Big Sis Hosanna for putting me on some Kennaology!
When I asked Kenna about the song he replied "oh man i didn't know y'all knew that song!"
Are you serious! world wide web baby, anything ,anywhere can be seen and known online!
Here are a few pics of him doing some major moves!


Until next time!