Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Forever Young!

Yes I have reached the ripe age of a quarter of a century! But I still feel like im 18 years old therefore I am 25 years YOUNG! Time has flown so quickly and I'm still in amazement that I have reached here already!! WHERE DID THE TIME GO??!! just the other day I was in high school!!

Anywho I was lastminute.com with my arrangements for my b-day and ended up going to a Thai restaurant and then going for a likkle boogie at Market Place. Overall it was aiight, I'm blessed to see another year and have my loved ones around me, for that I am forever grateful! My little sister called me, My Dad called me from JA and My homie called from Cali, I felt a lot of love oh and my Facebook was rammed with birthday wishes, you just gotta smile at all that love! My sistrens got me the best gift in the world... A Diana F instant back...basically an attachment to my camera where I can take Polaroid photos. ANALOGUE LOVE BABY!! IT IS A BEAUT! My Cousin got me a pair of PINK headphones,my extended fam HHD made me the best Birthday CD EVER! my mother got me a precious crystal ring with so many harmonious benefits! I LOVE IT ALL! but what topped off the nite was bumping into Mr Idris Alba..SEXY CHOCOLATE.. and because it was my birthday and he was a bit drunk he agreed to take a pic with me aww...See below( you may have squint your eyes a little bit)

(ok maybe you need to squint a little harder lol)

Im 25 and I have a whole year to celebrate it! umm road trip? BERLIN ANYONE?