Saturday, 8 March 2008

Lady Glock Photography/Candy Coated Jewels

It took a minute to post this blog up..excuse my lateness.....

.....You think you know...but you have no idea....this is the the collaboration of GREATNESS!

Twas Sunday March 2ND 2008 and Lady Glock(Photography) and Candy Coated Jewels(T-shirts) came together to make beautiful creativity!! yesss we was sportin our Candy Coated tee's and workin it for the camera! we all came down to Dafna's palace and Abigal and Shernay from Chocolate Bear Productions were involved. Shernay the model and wonderful Abigail working her magic with the make up.. creating face graffiti,graffiti face baby!

Here are our butterfly eyes! how colourful and fierce do we look!

So there we were at Dafna's palace using her apartment and surrounding areas as a back drop for her photography and then we went down to sunny ( and bloody windy) south bank, to make the real magic happen.
Here are a few pics I took, it felt like I was in Making of the video LOL
Mr Funky Steve,doin a pose for the camera!

Check out Mr Puma himself he gets my official stamped approval of DOPENESS!

Check out the belt buckle! ok you can't see it too well(my bad) but if you squint your eyes a little bit you will see its a YO MTV RAPS belt buckle.. againn..DOPENESS!

AHHH and check out Mr Levi he gets my stamped approval as the DON DAPPA!

Seriously....he is officially all that and a BOX OF KRISPY KREMES! did you just see that pic!^^

Myself and my T-shirt Twin David!

Lafonddd, couz and Miss Lax! Its all Lovee babyy!

Meet the Candy Coated Jewel creators! Miss Laxmi and Mr Thai reppin their millionaire range! if you want to purchase a candy coated tee( and you know you want to!) check out their pages and

At the end of the day we was exhausted! but we had to take one more pic with a sudden burst of energy...


Shout out to Lady Glock aka Dafna for her wonderful photography skillz! coming to a location NEAR YOU!

Untill next time!

Look after yourself.. and each other..(wise words from Jerry Springer) LOL

~La'Donna~ x

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Upper Playground... 29/2/08

o0o0o Feb 29th! we are blessed with an extra day.. and what shall we do with this extra day? hmmmm...I decided to go look@ some art down in good ole Carnaby Street.

Myself and Lady Glock got there a lil too early so we decide to window shop, have random discussions about good ole life and decide to chill out@ ping pong mmmmmm! sticky rice! I'm a tad bit addicted to those little parcels of DELICIOUSNESS! after that we still had and hour and a bit to burn so we met up with Miss chocolate Bear aka Shernay and roamed around, going to Size and look@ all the things I could not buy..sounds like torture..but I pulled through, went to puma and saw the most delicious bag...MTV YO RAPS BAG...I have seen the trainers before they are..aiight..but the bag screamed @ me and had my heart! it was love@ first sight! but £95 though....I'll just love it from a distance,nah mean LOL....went in to Muji,ya know as much as i want to design my home by Ikea i also want all the stuff they have in Muji in my house! serious tings!

we went to Starbucks and chilled for a bit and my likkle mango introduced me to the dulce cinnamon latte..whattttt I feel in love again!..yea I fall in love easily LOL so finally the time comes and we arrive @ the venue and it was just one small room displaying the superfishal designs and other stuff. Here are some snap shots

It was packed and they had free drinks ..again I don't complain when it is free

I'm not a beer drinker but took the drink anyway... Wasn't too impressed

but Shernay had a lil pick up after drinking that big ass energy drink....

as you can see she is extremely energetic

Oh apparently this is the DJ from Ali G's show.I wouldn't know...never really was a fan of that show, I didn't have time for FOOLISHNESS therefore it was against my religion! lol,but he was playing some classics though so brapppp! big up yourself bruv!

aww don't you just love my blurry group pics... another reminder that I need a new camera!

Anywho I was flicking through the Upper Playground catalog and they have some good products checkout the site will defo have to purchase some stuff but hey..they are also in Filmore in I may just purchase some products over there when i go back to my second home! SAN FRAN OF COURSE!

Until next time

Over and Out


Lookout,Yarah Bravo and a Bagel.... 27/2/08.

Once again I came out to venture to the wonderful Favela Chic with my extended family, my partnas in legal crime Miss chocolate bear aka Shernay,my likkle mango aka Lady Glock and Mr Ishola!! it was packed when I arrived, well I was running on bpt( black peoples timing) but didnt miss out on the performances.

On stage Oddise(Hailing from D.C) Treklife & Ty was there blessing the stage as well as a singer who goes by the name of Oliver Day Soul who had the most hugable arms! what they was spittin was good, their lyrical content was on point,had me nodding my head but I was not feeling too well and decided to have a lil snooze and rest while sitting down lol
Anywho when that was all done they started playin music but I wasn't feelin it too much, it wasn't bumpin.....YET!... as we were about to leave they started playin some tunesss! I was going in and out that venue like I dont know what! and then we dediced to stay, there was one group of men dancing away@ the same time doin the wop, the cabbage patch the running man... in my mind I thought they were asking for a challenge lol.
So when the bashment went to sleep and the break beats came in ,myself and my likkle mango aka Dafna , Cousin Shernay and mr Ishola of course took to the dance floor feeding off each other vibez and my gurl Dafna was KILLING IT!! DATS MAH GURL! We did a lil sumthin sumthin then all of a sudden a circle began and Dafna and I was in the middle of it.... it got to the point where I was tired, Dafna and I were like ummm ya know ,you guys can jump in too we are not here for your entertainment! lol but one home boi was dyinggg to dance you could just see it in his eyes! that man took to the middle doin sum moves all dropped his phone to rass! But he didn’t care he kept going at it.. And for that, he gets props from me! I would of given him a moonman if I had one!!so at the end of all that I had to take out my life saver aka my lil red fan! it seriously was gettin hot!
So there I was trying to cool down and I look down and who do I see! Yarah Bravo and im like yo D is'nt that dat gurl from Oneself?, and she was like yeaaaa! it is her! Yarah is givin me a high five telling myself and Dafna we were hot, dancing real hard and all of that jazz, at that moment I thought to myself wow look@ that I need to find my camera right about now..time is of the essence! She continues to talk about her upcoming tour and how she wants a bunch of creative women,like myself and Dafna to come on stage and dance and stuff..HOLDDD UPPP! wait a minute, hold the press and the paparazzi.. you want us to dance on stage? for you??!!.... LETS MARINATE ON THAT FOR A MINUTE! wow, now that’s cute lol she asked me how long I have been dancing, im like mannnnnn a couple of hours LMAO naw im not a professional I just feel the music!
Anywho she said to myspace her and I did... but no reply so I thought just maybe she was a tad under the influence of alcohol ..ya know ppl say crazy shit when they drink we took sum pics and look her face so small and mines is so big and she gave me her lens-less specs to wear.. doesn't even fit my face properly..awwww how cuteeeee!!

here's my Lady Glock and Yarah doin the b-girl pose! get em!

I was juss geeked lol

Myself and Ishola doin a b-girl/b-boy pose

HA! caught Mr Snappy Snap himself on CAMERA! gettt ittt camera boii!

and here is cous juss posin..wid a candycoated tee of course!
Mr Oliver Day Soul throwin up the ducces..Look at his huggable arms!

So@ the end of the nite we got a lil hungry and burger shop man wasn’t open so we decided to go to the bagel bar instead, making sum remixes, spoken word poetry and otha crazy shit you do when you are hungry and surrounded by wonderful people. As soon as we got our bagel it was silence and you know u are hungry when all you can hear is crickets lol and the sound of us munching ....this is what we do after a bagel in the early hours of thursday morning..chill on brick lane lol....o0o0o and as myself and Dafna decided to get the bus we found a red know me.. I had to take a pic of course!

how cool does that look!..UBER COOL!

untill next time over and outttttt


ITunes London Live Sessions....25/2/08

So week before last I entered a itunes competition, thinking nothing of it,checked my e-mail a few days later and was greeted with a CONGRATULATIONS OF WINNING TWO TICKETS! yea I was ecstatic! so that proved me wrong with the whole you-never-win-these-kinda-competition conspiracy!

Anywho My cousin and I arrive@ Airstudios extra early because we didnt know where the studio was but we found it and decided to chillout@ Costa Coffee for a min ..I was so tempted to steal the lil costa cups they looked like the one you use to have when you were kids playing tea parties, but decided not to, coz for real not even my lil 3 year old sister would be satisfied with that itty bitty cup!

We arrive@ Airstudios at the correct time queing up, I felt so special when the guy@ the door asked for the tickets, Iwas like im on the LIST:d lol he found my name and let my cousin and I through we also got this lil iTunes card where you get to download 10 FREE SONGS....let me repeat that... FREEE! yea I was geeked up after that, freeness is my weakness after all lol

So we stand around for an hour waiting for the venue to fill out a bit and for the artist to come and bless the stage, It was small-ish and intimate...we met a few peeps we usually see@ yoyo's or plastic people had a good ole chitchat..first up on stage was Miss TAWIAH!Now if you haven't heard of this woman or heard her sing I suggest you go to her myspace ASAP! ,I loved her performance and all of her songs! she totally rocks my socks!her voice sooo soulful, so biritish, so o0o0o0o0o, and her lyrical content is jus o0o0o00o0o0o0o0o so on point! LOVE HER! and her guitarist Jodi such a cutie pie lol Vula was also on stage singing background vocalz..and her voice is juss woooooooo! off the girdle too!

Next up was Mr Daniel Merriweather......this man..he! There he was sittin on a stool drinkin some special potion for his sore throat, and he was juss singing away!
Ozzie brotha man has got SOUL! and he was adorable, he has this lil curly fringe and I juss wanted to put one curl behind his ear and rub his cheeks! yes i was smittien! i was seduced by his voice and persona! ohhh and he can even whitsle a song the same way he SINGS! my Goodness this man is talented! I will await to purchase his album sometime in the summer, he sang a few songs he has been working on, now if my memory serves me correct he sang a song titled Red,Kill My Self, For Your Money and of course he sang Stop Me...acoustic styleee, Daniel and Tawiah also did a duet together on stage... are sum snap shots.

Last but not least Estelle came on stage with a hype vibe,she is a JOKER!. I can tell you I am looking forward to hearing her album..out on MARCH 31ST! the album is titled SHINE.. so make sure u get it! she had her two background singers. one male and one female.but the dude who was singing backround vocalz...he was so cute almost delicous just dancing away, bless him but the the dude who playing the keyboard mann he had a shiny caramel bald head wid a lil goatee.. he could pass as Common's 4th cousin on the left hand side! ahem excuse me I was goin a bit off topic.......ESTELLE...yea so she sang 1980, Wait a Min, Shine and American boy she also did a lil duet with Daniel on stage..again wonderful performance. o0o0o0o Estelle also got this asian dude to get on stage and dance with her the dude looked a lil shy but it was cute and a lil funny@ the same time lol, Estelle performance was the most livilest and she talked about how she came up with the songs and stuff.
I am proud of her,it took her a minute to be regognised and now I see her in pride magazine, hip hop connection and vibee WHATTTT! more power to you sistah gurl!

So at the end of the night I was pumped happy with my dose of feel good music! I had American boy stuck in my head and as I Looked around ready to head out I see yummy Reggie Yates to my Left and that dude wid the long Goatee who sang dat funky house tune...hey girll look ova ya shoulderrrr... yea you know tha one im talkin about!

Uber geeked?..indeed!
Group pic..blurry style!

o0o0o and Daniel Merriweather came out *sighs* and my cousin was like get a picture with him, but he was surrounded with other people and stuff, then I got extra shy and a lil star struck and said nahhhhh, but he did bump into me and he said sorry, I was like no worries but inside i was screamin like a lil school gurl who juss bumped into immature or ultimate kaos in concert lol There will be other times I will be able to see him and I will get dat photo!:D so I was singin american boy and stop me alll the way to Belize park station and on the tube and you best beleive when i got home I went bought my free..yess free song! I had to get Tawiah's song oh and she had a FREE single that week! I was uber geeked! yea that whole free songs thing was trick they knew you was gonna buy the songs you just heard on stage! clever little swines! LOL

over and out till next time!