Sunday, 22 February 2009

OI OI Mate!

I have been playing this song for the whole weekend! It is addictive! I love the song and Video. Kudo's to Mr Rope chain himself Master Shortie! I say DJ's need to play this song so we can all get our white boy dance on... Liam Gallagher style!!

What do ya think?

Saturday, 14 February 2009


In regards to my previous blog entry, at present there are three albums I have had on constant repeat for the last 5 months... good music still lives on,  keep your ears open and dig for that treasured gem!

Numero uno

Foreign Exchange- Leave it all Behind

This album makes my heart smile, it is on another level! its orginality,musicality! Listen to those instruments, the harmony, the smoothness from one track to the next!I want to be caught up in the moments of love described in all of the songs and I love Phonte from Little brother, his whole delivery and the man can hit some soul notes!! he better sing it!

Numero Dos!

Q-tip.....words cannot describe...just make sure you have the album!..NUFF SAID! you want Q-tip you get Q-TIP!!

I can't give specific favories on this album because i can play the album straight through! no skipping involved!

Numero Tres!

88Keys - The Death of Adam

This album seriously had me cracking up it is hilarious! The whole build up of the story(a man named Adam after the kitty kat and the many scenarios he lands himself in to get it!) and subject matter delivered on point! The female narrator Kills me she is too funny!! I want her to make an album full of skits! the album has killa tracks but the ones that had me going are:

Friends Zone Feat Shitake monkey-I know some of us can relate to  friend zone *rolls eyes*

Dirty Peaches feat J* Davey -I heart her!

Stay up Feat Kanye west peep the  opening lyrics.... 
"What she has is so Niagara/makes nigga straight need viagra"WOWERZ! gotta love it

Purchase all of this albums you will not be disappointed!

Over & Out!


Me x

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Music is my Boyfriend....

DISCLAIMER: This blog may trigger you to dig out your old cd's/cassette tapes and roam through youtube and stroll down memory lane. 

Valentines day aka Self Appreciation Day (one must love themselves first before loving others!) is approaching and all this lovey dovey shit is happening, roses chocolates hugs kisses and facebook pushing single dating Ad’s in my face!

Personally I believe everyday should be v-day, it is a wonderful feeling to know/appreciate/feel/shown/told that you are loved in more ways than one!

On that note to all those who I hold dear to my heart ,if you haven’t heard it in the last 24hours week, month or year(well you should of I spread love like free coupons) you are LOVED and I love YOU! Yes from myb heart to yours 1.4.3! If your not near me I’ll fed-Ex you a hug or send you a kiss via e-mail!

This v-day looks like its going to be a dry season, which is nothing new really, so my self and my "boyfriend", the beat to my heart are going to relight our fire and party hard! His name is MUSIC.

In the movie Brown Suga home girl asks when did you fall in love with hip-hop? Pshhhhh I fell in love with music before my birth, for my mother’s heart had a beat and I was in tune with it! To answer the question I fell in love with MUSIC from day dot!!

I appreciate and embrace his many styles and fusions, but to date, my boyfriend has been going a little wayward with his “urban style” im pointing the finger at R&B and and to a certain extent Hip Hop. R&B in 2009 is nothing compared to R&B from 1990-1996! And even before the 90’s there was more quality! half of us was being made to that kind of music! But R&B has not been hitting that spot!

You know "That spot", as soon as you hear that song, you make up your best ugly face, throw your hands in the air, feet making foot work you never though you could do,possess your whole body makes you wanna scream and your heart flutter at the same time!


So I end up going back to a time where I was a young love,crushing hard on music and nearly every song he belted out made my heart leap with joy! Yes I was digging through old cassette tapes, CD’s and my old tape recordings of music video’s in the 90’s!!Todays tunes are not cutting it! Or maybe im not digging hard enough?

I miss Songs/videos like these:

RIP Kenny Greene! Man was GENIUS with those lyrics!!

BAD TUNE!! are you listening to these lyrics?!! we met at the MONKEY BARS!! SERIOUSSS TINGS AH GWANN!!! 

Secretly I wished was Iesha way back when *sigh*

TELL ME YOU DON'T WANT TO GET UP AND JAM TO THESE TUNES! The lyrics, the harmonies,the creativity, the keys!! 

This is what my childhood was made of me + music =PURE HAPPINESS!

I got carried away with the videos and cud go on all day,but time is of the essence.

So i shall finish off this blog simply because my heart can't take it anymore with these bad ass tunes!!


I'll leave you with this last montage video! Peace! x

Monday, 9 February 2009

Silent Disco Baby!!

so on 6th of Feb i ventured out to Liverpool Street Station for the silent disco ting! (Silent disco-people meeting at one place,listening/dancing to their music on their phones/ipod/cd players)

Now for those of you who do not know..Hi my Name is La'Donna and I am a DANCEAHOLIC! I HAVE NO SHAME! I love every aspect of dance,the freedom of expression through your body and so when I saw this event on Facebook I was excited and down for the cause!!

I reached the station a good hour before the disco so I had time to roam! The experience was amazing! ever since the T-mobile commercial I wanted to try haven't seen it? please see below....

Tell me that is just not the best commerical out there right now!! I've always wanted to burst out into song and dance in public spaces..well there has been a few ocassions while at a bus stop a song is too good to keep to myself I have sing quite low and bust out a two foot shuffle combo, but on Feb 6th at Liverpool Street Station this was my chance to do just that but with 13000 random strangers,listening to their own random music, rocking headphones and dancing in a public space!! Shout out to my buddies Sade Nick and Inie! we danced our little hearts out! had me changing 4 cd's in my cd player!
I have no eveidence of me documenting this moment, I had quite a few techincal difficulties
1. My camera offically died on me RIP BABY! 2005-2009 :(
2.My Fish eye Camera ran out of film( dammit I hate when that happens)
3. My Ipod is ofiically dead, oh and if you so happen to work for Apple or know somebody who would like to give me a discount just because they are loving giving people.. holla at ya GIRL! Credit crucnh!!
4.My CD player broke down 15 imutes before the dance off! I eneded up buying a new one for £24! Not kosher!

Anywho here are some video's I borrowed from Youtube

object width="425" height="344">

Yes we locked down the station and commiserations for all those who had a train to catch at 7 pm and didn't get on it till after 8! But this was for a good cause! The cause of FUN :D

Apparently the UK is getting obese so why not shed some pounds with a 15 minute work out with 13000 random people for free!Get that heart pumping ,aye and even become famous like the guy who got naked.. im sure he got arrested for that offence LOL

Silent Discos/Raves rocks my socks! We should do this more often!!