Friday, 29 May 2009

My Super Sweet 25th???

Since my unemployment I have been watching some tv (which I hardly do) and one show in particular(although there are more) really gets on my left tit ,right nipple! MY SUPER SWEET 16 on MTV!! all these spoiled brats havin a big ass party, gotta have diamonds, gotta have a car, 6 strong buff men carrying them on to a stage and blah blah blah!! YES I AM HATING..I'LL STEP ON YOUR COUCH RICK JAMES STYLE! I never had a sweet 16 b-day party or a rich Daddy to pay for it all! plus they are only bloody 16 what the hell are they gonna do for their 18th or 21st???!
So it got me 24 years young and my 25th birthday is in about 8 months time. I've never had a big birthday party and I should be planning my big 25th!! but I want MTV to come up with a "My Sweet 25th" or "My sweet quarter of a century" something along those lines and pay for party or at least go halves ...I mean I wont ask for much!

Theme:im going to go with old skool, it is a bit played out but yo those were the best times of my life!! bring on the fubu, Karl Kani, michigan t-shirt ,mickey and minnie mouse on stone washed jeans fanny packs, pogs, shoe express shoes a-line skirts!! shout out to all my strugglers rock your knock off trainers and garms!! LOL rock the backward nike tick with the slogon "just did it" shout out to the market crew shoppers: dalston, petty coat lane, nine elms, east street and wimbeldon!! zup zup!.. people are talkin bout recession now! mate I was born in a recession and have been living in a recession /credit crunch world from DAY DOT! what do you know about sewing on labels!! LMAO! come as u like as long as your clean

Hmmmmm who do I want to perform??? awwww shucks ...ahem ....
Basically fly over every damn great r&b and rap artist between the years of 1987- 1996! yea gimmie some damage, black street,arrested development ultimate kaos MN8! Dru Hill,SWV, Guy, Boyz ii Men ,Intro , queen pen, yo yo queen latifah, Patra,Monnie love ,Rob base ,Black sheep, De la soul,Zhane etc etc! dammit i want old dirty bastard to be there in spirt oh and biggie and tupac for good measure and Jill scott or Maxwell to sing happy birthday to me *blush face*,the whole of MC hammers circus yeah, coz they are too legit to quit!
old skool beenie man , spragga benz, yellow man all the ragga muffin crew! pure bashment!

I want a tag wall and polaroid pics taken of the nite.. nahh better yet I want an old skool black and white photo booth! yea get the crazy pics coming! can's of we can laugh and bubble for no damn reason, high off helium!( but not too much...y'all get one balloon each ...sip sip give LOL)
As for drinks i want king size ribenas accompanied with a packet of golden wonder cheese and onion crisp and a packet of tic tacs!! fruit punch I don't drink but i want wray and nephew rum to sponsor me! why? because im from Jamaican heritage and it is a must! a penny sweet corner....cola bottle,bon bons sherbets ,vise versa (who remembers those!), jelly and ice cream den a selection of that grown up drank(alcohol) hula hoop competition grown folks musical chairs!
CAKE! i want a delicous costco cake or red velevet ,something tasty! with fruit on it with my face on eveyone can have a slice of me..aww so cute!
I want proper dj's!! one that can scratch mix and blend well! i want a sound system with that heavy bass it wud mash up your windows even if it is double glazed!!
music ranging from funk, jungle, hip hop, trip hop,tribal, funky house ,miami bass ,b-more, krunk ,hyphy, go go yea all that feel good kinda music! ahh peace ,love sweat and old skool dance moves and battles! o0o0o bring on all my Divas all my voguers we can vogue the nite away, if willi ninja and pepper labaja was still alive i would want them there too i'll be giving face,working up some arm control and attempting to duck walk and do an alloura or leyomi drop!( my peoples know what im talkin bout!!!)
Oh and you know for the birthday gift..I just want money so i can put in my savings account/pay off student loan/overdraft either that or a house with mortgage paid for *Big Smile*

Ahhhh that would be a dope party don't you think?!...I better start writing to MTV from now..get this party on the GO!

~L~ xx

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Butt Naked Wednesdays!

BWWHAHAHAHAA!! I love this woman and her sarcastic humour!

"create your own publicity do some ho shit!"-Erykah Badu


~L~ x

Monday, 25 May 2009

This pretty much melts my heart...

I am excited to hear Maxwell's album Black Summers night! I have been playing and watching Maxwells video Pretty wings on constant repeat, and cannot get enough! Pure quality! the vibe ! the horns, bells xylophone ..just feels so live, the album is supposed to be out in July. I hope and pray it actually does,I got a feeling this album will knock me off my feet!
I must say ,Maxwell looks so deliciously sexy getting his grown man sophistication on! More Power to you my Brother!;-)

~L~ xx

six steps and three hours later.......

So have been slacking, I apologise but last nite pissed me off to the nth degree that I had to write about it. So I went over to Cargo to go to to Work it VS Living proof event. I have been to quite a few Living proof events at market place and overall they smashed it every time good vibes what have you Work it is aiight more of a hype thing but they played some good throw backs although i have only been to one of their events. So i expecting this nite to be a BLASTTTT! if only myself and my crew got in!
Heres the Story!

Event stated on Facebook starts at 9pm, I get there are 9:15 and there is a chokka bloc queue, so im meet my homie IB and he is near the front and the queuing process we moved about 6 steps forward within three hours. let me repeat that last part THREE HOURS! people are pushing into the line, some were even starting a line across the road and we were like wtf?? what is going on why is this taking so long?? the security were like oh its packed!..Excuse me? PACKED? how is it packed if it is suppose to start at 9pm, then they said, we had to be in line in order for us to get in then they some incident happened inside and now the event was closed! CLOSED! I was pissed i needed a revolution and a riot! a special shout out to the guys who had gorilla tacticks climbing over that high wall like professionals to get in..kudos to you my brothas!!

my feet were hurting not from dancing hard but from standing waiting to get in and quite frankly im not doing that ever again ..3hours you may say is alot, i guess I was holding on to hope of getting in an getting my dance on but in the words of my dearest friend Ibrahim:" im getting too old for this shit!! Cargo/livinproof/work it/management didn't handle this nite professionally at all! you will find me skanking at Ain't it Black, Yo mama and my living room with a bottle of ribena!!

However the night was not totally spoilt while we were figuring where else to go for free we followed music coming from around the corner got our lil skank on, chilled and made the best of the nite!

much love to my peoples! mwuahh xx