Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Seasonal Changes

As London says good bye to summer,welcomes grey skies,rain,brisk winds and low temperatures, LA is burnin up *Heatwave*!
With that said I thought this video needed to be posted, it got that LA lovin factor to it,plus I miss the sunshine.I miss the feel good vibes in LA.

Dedicated to my Chonsak xx

hit em wid it Dam funk!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday: Feel good BEATS!

Sundays, the lazy day of the week, a time to sit down, chill and relax, it's also a day for me to dust off some old records and go back into memory lane( although I do find myself doing this nearly everyday) One song on my mind was this:

Freeway Feat Allen Anthony- Alright

Love the video, love the song,love Allen Anthony's vocals on the track but it is that BEAT/INSTRUMENTAL that gets me every time. It just feels so damn good! go on listen to it, tell me you do not feel the same!

Ok now that you have felt the goodness and thought to yourself, oh my! It almost sounds and feels like another song I once heard before, well that's because you probably have..this song right HERE is one of my FAVORITE songs of allllllllllllllll time, the lyrics are C L A S S I C and the video, don't get me started! You know I'm a suckah for 90's videos as it is.

Tribe Called quest -Electric relaxation

oh wee this song has major lyrics.


Monday, 20 September 2010


Two things I want to learn before reaching the ripe age of 30
1. Learn how to double dutch because I could only single dutch.
2. Stomp the yard . Theres something spiritual about making beats with your hands and feet

My footwork game needs to step up, the foot work skillz from the above video is MAJOR!

who has two skipping ropes? only got 5 years to accomplish this challenge!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Hello,Good Morning

Monday mornings doesnt seem so bad when you wake up to beautiful skies and sunrise like this.

This world is Beautiful,heaven is on earth,what a blessing!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

last nite a DJ saved my life...

...and he goes by the name of ?uestlove

This man right here is a man after my own heart, not only does he kills it with the serious 'boom-bat!'drumming skills, he also kills it when djing. The first time I encountered him djing was a couple of years ago after he finished performing with the roots and I was blown away.

I personally love digging through crate's of records and finding little gems. You hear a song, recognise the composition, the arrangement of strings,horn,drum patterns,you don't know the original but you recognise the loop made for a hip hop beat! my goodness those are little gems! To think how these original tracks were made, with no computers,full orchestra's,pure harmonies is out of this world for me, leaves me in awe, listen to some James Brown or Barry White! their arrangements will blow you away,sends you to nostalgia. ?uest finds those little gems and plays the remixes made by hip hop artist/producers.These remixes take on another meaning once looped,re-arranged, its like a never ending evolution of a track, imagine what will be produced in the next twenty years with people using J Dilla''s productions and evolving it into something even better! MADNESS!

Anywho I was in my element, East Village was packed to the brim,we were all head nodding,having eargasims,fed our souls of what we needed! sweated for three hours and rapping our hearts out, good vibes and all. I love watching this man work,his facial expressions when he rips some shit up simultaneously blends one track to another with the same drum pattern, pure BLISS! I would just love to sit in his record collection and get lost within it,that would be super fun!

If ?uestlove is ever around, spinning the wheels of steel or sarato in a city near you, I advise you GO and enjoy the experience!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Say it wit yo chest!


Seriously you need to watch it. I laughed till i cried, I've watched it 3 times in the space of 24 hours. Yesterday while at work I had random outburst of laughter because I would either have a flashback of the show or saw situations that reminded me of his quotes...HILARIOUS!

LMAOOOO "Kev pin the tail on his ass!...is it his birthday.? why would I do that"____________FLATLINED!

Support the Brother and get his dvd asap!


Two weeks ago I bumped my head at work on a 100% steel safe,ended up with a concussion,had a nose bleed and a constant spreading headache. It was so bad I couldn't laugh too hard apparently while talking to my homeboy he said my laugh now sounded like this old dude....

however I plead the 5th lol

Anywho I was a soldier still went to work and worked through the pain, no work equals to no pay ,it sucks being a temp sometimes.That coming weekend I had tons of stuff to get done,it was carnival weekend the one weekend I look forward to for the whole year! its a free Caribbean affair, a street party for a whole two days!
As usual my excitement reached peak levels , till my head hurt so bad it did not leave my pillow,you ever been in so much pain that when you slept you felt no pain at all? well that was me for the whole weekend, but the party-goer in me still wanted to go carnival just to PALANCE ,get on bad pun di big truck! I didn't leave the house all weekend but was still determined even with my concussion to go to carnival, another 365 days is a long wait for me. So I found my ear plugs,took some pain medication,bottle of water and starburst and made my way. After two hours into carnival by myself , the pain got the better of me and decided to call it a night.

All I wanted to do the next day at work was this...

Damn Concussion! somebody pass me an office chair!

Thursday, 2 September 2010


Cee-Lo is the man! Song written by Bruno Mars, Loving the video, there have been certain times I wish I could sing this song, well just the Fuck you part


"although there a pain in my chest, I still wish you the best with a FUCK YOUUUU!" *smile*

Ps. Thats got to be Cee-lo's son, lil man looks just like him!