Thursday, 28 October 2010


As of late I keep posting up videos but If its funny I have to share it, Good ole Inie keeps hittin me with these HILARIOUS VIDEOS. This one right here had me in stiches for days, PURE QUALITY!

Ok can we have a moment......

MAN IS ON SKATES BLUD! Not only that he has ASHY KNEES!
"i wear avrex in 90 degres.. nah but for real tho hot!" Fa Real tho who remembers when you would go to a rave or even carnival, hot as hell and a man would still wear his Avrex jacket!
Jackin their bredrin in the wheel chair for the giro
Soca remix
The shout outs.."Free my man snitch! Free my man witness,Free my man shook ones innit" LMAO!!

This video is pure jokes!

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