Monday, 10 October 2011

It's Been a minute...

..but im back, well for a short while! So I have bee going through a shift and been reminencing of the yester-years! I keep on saying it but it so true I MISS THE MUTHAFUCKIN 90's! musically you don't know how close music/music video and I were! These days if I turn on the radio my usual reacton is "blah" Give or take a few quality online radio station that play decent music, or music to my caliber. I don't even view music videos like I use to! I remember back in days when I would sit and wait for a particualr video to come on MTV/The Box/BET International(shout out to those who had cable in the mid-80's-90's).My mother already warned me if I called and requested a video i'll be in for a beating LOL. I had to wait and flick between channels, only leave the room for a toilet break or snak break when the commericals came on! Thats how passionate I was about music videos!

So I came across a tumblr page dedicated to the 90's and memories started flooding back! Right know I want to go back a decade and some change, give props to one of those r&b/hip hop all girl groups. The one group who didnt actually have puff daddy in every video screamin "bad boy" or "take dat take dat!" Im talkin about Total. Now their vocal arrangements aint to par to say envogue but my goodness they had some TUNEEESSSSS!! Now first up this video right here I loved because you never really saw a video like this, a camera panning from below through glass! and Missy was in it too! The beat was sick her adlibs were also the ish and home girl with the paws on her thighs made me want a puppy!

Yup. Goodtimes. Imma leave y'all with one more, Now if this doesn't make you wanna slow dance withe somebody or with ya damn self! Something aint RIGHT!

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